Kathie Lee Gifford | To Fully Understand the Bible, We Need to Read the Bible in Hebrew or Greek

by christiannewsjournal

Television host, author and actress Kathie Lee Gifford believes to really understand the Bible — we need to read it in Greek or Hebrew.

“We have not been taught the truth. And we wonder why we have no power in our lives. We’re quoting Scripture that isn’t true,” she explained in a video interview with the Christian Post on the red carpet at the 28th annual Movieguide Awards.

The quote came when asked about her 2018 book, The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi.

“If we’re not quoting what it actually says in the Greek, actually says in the Hebrew, then we’re not speaking the word and the word is everything.”

Lee also created a video Bible study with Rabbi Jason Sobel, a Messianic Jew in the Holy Land.

“I believe that when we start actually quoting the Scripture, properly, learning it properly, then we can apply it properly,” the Emmy Award-winning TV host said. “Imagine the power that’s going to erupt in our lives because we’re doing what God said to do. Speak the truth in a spirit of love.”

She also told the Christian Post she felt an initial calling while watching the Billy Graham film, “The Restless One.”

“He wasn’t thinking that the devil lived in the movie theater,” she said. “He’s thinking people will come to a movie theater that would never read the Bible, never come to my crusades, but they’ll go to a movie. He never dreamed that a little 12-year-old Jewish girl would be sitting in the theater one night, and now I’m making movies. Only God can put together stuff like that.”

The former “Today” show anchor said faith has always been central in her life. “I was a big Bible nerd from the time I became a Christian,” CBN reported.

“And my father, as my graduation gift from high school, got tickets for my mom and me to go to Israel. And I was thrilled. I missed my high school graduation. I could have cared less. I was always anxious to get to the Holy Land and be where everything happened and just soak it in.”

-Written by Corine Gatti-Santillo

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