Judge Tells FBI To Back Off on Warrantless Searches

by christiannewsjournal

The FBI just received a setback regarding its warrantless spying operations over a lawsuit over seizing hundreds of U.S. citizens’ property without a warrant last year.

The FBI, which has been in the spotlight recently over U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s threats to investigate parents who are taking a stand against teaching Critical Race Theory in their classes, thought they could sidestep the 4th Amendment of the Constitution by seizing private property without a warrant in the name of “national security.”

However, the courts have ruled differently thus far, and the FBI cannot take any more property until the final ruling on the case.

The case surrounded an investigation where the FBI allegedly illegally seized hundreds of lock boxes from a private security company even though the warrant specifically stated not to do so.

However, once the people whose things were stolen by the FBI demanded their belongings back, the FBI told them that they were not allowed to reclaim their belongings and must wait until the FBI decided to give them their personal items, despite the court order specifically stating not to take their belongings.

As a response, a few of the affected citizens decided to sue, with the Institute for Justice representing them in court. And things now took a turn for the better when a judge ruled that the Institute for Justice could represent all of the clients affected in a single class action lawsuit.

Now, the class action lawsuit will seek to hold the FBI accountable over their warrantless searches of people’s property without evidence, and, thus far, a judge has agreed that the FBI was in error and must cease collecting any more evidence in the case.

This comes after the FBI was humiliated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who told them to bug off when they said they were going to investigate parents over their opinions of Critical Race Theory. Instead of kowtowing to the FBI, he was going to handle the matter in his state, telling the FBI that it is not their job to stick their noses into the educational affairs of Floridians.

Critical Race Theory is a factually inaccurate history of the United States built on the faulty premise that race was the single greatest quantifier in American affairs from the colonial period onward. Multiple historians have thoroughly debunked the narrative. However, that has not stopped Leftists from attempting to teach it nationwide by forcing it into the curriculum.

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John S. Paluska is a contributor to CNJ news.

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