Judge Revokes Lockdown of Students Who Refuse To Get the COVID-19 Vaccine in New Quarantine Lawsuit

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Supreme Court

An Oklahoma County judge granted an injunction to halt Edmond Public School District’s quarantine of students who have refused the COVID-19 vaccine.

Several parents collectively filed a lawsuit against Edmond Public Schools’ superintendent and several board members as a response to the school district implementing a policy that required healthy students who refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine to lockdown at home while those who had the shot could stay in school without quarantine.

None of the students who were quarantined following the district’s new lockdown policy had any symptoms associated with COVID-19, including for the Omicron variant, nor did any of the students test positive while at home.

But, while the students were in quarantine, they experienced toxic mental health and physical fitness problems. In fact, one student’s mental health was so severely affected that his grades plummeted beyond repair. Further, his mom was forced to do the school’s job for them and teach school subjects to her child using YouTube videos.

These toxic side effects of the quarantine led the court to write in their injunction of the school’s lockdown policy that “absent a temporary injunction, the Edmond Public School District’ s COVID-19 protocols for unvaccinated students will continue to do irreparable harm to Plaintiffs’ children.”

Lockdown, Science, And The COVID-19 Vaccine

With the new Omicron COVID-19 Variant, many wonder what the current status of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine mandates are and whether the U.S. government will mandate another nationwide lockdown. What we know is that the Omicron Variant is less deadly than the Delta Variant, and South African medical experts say the Omicron variant is not deadly.

Additionally, an analysis comparing countries that did lockdown with countries that did not reveals that the lockdown was not successful at containing COVID-19. When total deaths from the virus are considered, countries such as Tajikistan, which had some of the least COVID-19 restrictions across the globe, saved more lives both Norway and New Zealand in terms of total deaths from COVID-19.

Further, it appears the COVID-19 vaccine‘s efficacy against COVID-19’s many variants wanes over time. This means people who take the COVID-19 vaccine may be inadvertently furthering the spread of the virus.

According to a public health expert at John’s Hopkins Medical Center, those with natural immunity to COVID-19 are 27x less likely to spread the virus compared with those who are vaccinated. This is because the immune system naturally makes antibodies for more than 20,000 variants when exposed to viruses and other pathogens. However, those who took the COVID-19 vaccine do not make those antibodies for variants since the experimental vaccine is simply a code of mRNA and does not expose people to the actual virus.

The best advice, according to more than 10,000 epidemiologists, virologists, and medical doctors, who signed a document giving advice on how to end COVID-19, is to quarantine in place if you are immunocompromised or elderly but continue going about your life if you are younger than 65 and are not immunocompromised. More than 99.9 percent of those under 50 who contract COVID-19 recover, and, unlike the COVID-19 vaccine, their immunity does not disappear after mere months.

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– John Paluska, CNJ Staff

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