Interview with an intercessor: Because there is none to help

by christiannewsjournal

January is pro-life month. This year, literally thousands of eyewitness testimonies await a Supreme Court hearing to reveal the obvious; abortion not only sheds innocent blood but is bad for women. Meanwhile, one San Diego resident, Lynne, implements a simple but effective strategy to shape the next generation.

“It happened when I looked out over Hadassah Medical Center, just outside of Jerusalem. After crying out to God for four years, He showed me my ministry.”

Lynne regularly walks and prays near abortion clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, and colleges. “He told me to pray for SDSU because many decisions are being made there.” She prays for the abortionists. She prays for the unborn and their mothers and fathers. When she walks, God gives her scriptures.

“…cast upon you from the womb. Trouble is near and there is none to help. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax.” She suggests that Psalm 22 is the voice of Christ and the voice of the forsaken child in the womb. “Just because no one hears, doesn’t mean you are silent. Babies in the womb have a voice. No one seems to listen.”

Instead, parents seem to be listening to lies. She believes that the idea of “inconvenience” is misleading. “People don’t understand the Lord is sovereign over all their days and the days of the baby in the womb.”

Lynne didn’t always passionately defend the unborn. She had a nonchalant attitude of not knowing and not prioritizing such an important cause. “But, even when I wasn’t a believer, I always knew that a child in the womb came as a gift from God.”

It is all the more poignant that she has never been pregnant or carried a child in her womb. “God gave me a child from a mother who could not raise him.” God never fulfilled my desire to have children, but He never took it away either, which gave me extra compassion for babies.

Now, she loves to walk and pray. “I feel a propelling joy. I am excited. I can’t wait to get out there and see where He will send me. .”

Interestingly, God seems to regularly send her to pray for the Jewish people. “God almost always has me walk by a temple or Jewish house of worship. God is grieved that the people of Israel abort their children — that they are snuffing out the life of the chosen people.”

“God really does want us believers, the church, to care about the unborn and the Jewish people. I am astounded that we are not all on our knees. But, God is over all this, patient and long suffering. He will make it all right in His time.”

— by Christine Cecil, Ed.D.

Cecil is the author of a Child’s Devotion for Israel (Download the free ebook here

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