Instagram Bans Catholic Connect, a Top Catholic Social Media Account

by christiannewsjournal

Instagram permanently banned Catholic Connect, an app reaching over five million people every week through social media after receiving two copyright infringements. The account was permanently taken down.

Catholic Connect appealed the Instagram ban since Instagram provided no detailed information on some of the content that was reported against them. It also did not look familiar to the Catholic Connect team.

Within a matter of minutes, Instagram communicated back by email with “your account has been deactivated and you are no longer permitted to use Instagram.”

Fighting back to what seems like an unfair attack on their religious freedom, Catholic Connect created a new account under the name of @CatholicConnect 2.0 and within a matter of hours, Catholic Connect 2.0 surpassed four thousand followers who demand answers from Instagram.

CEO of Catholic Connect, Richy Orozco, comments, “We are grateful for the communities support and we will not stand down to an unfair attack on our religious liberty, we look forward to a favorable appeal from Instagram.”

The Catholic Connect team reached out to the Instagram appeal team and to top Instagram executives including the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. Catholic Connect awaits a response.

Catholic Connect LLC is known as the voice of everyday Catholics, standing one hundred percent with the Catholic Church, sharing traditional values, advocating strongly for Pro-Life legislation, and promoting political leaders who protect the unborn. Catholic Connect has one message for the Church, STOP fully relying on secular technology. It is a great way to evangelize but the Church should never fully rely on secular technology to reach their flock. Catholic Connect has been working tirelessly for three years in developing a state-of-the-art Church CRM, a Donation System to improve recurring donor bases of nonprofits, and a social media app for the Catholic Church that is currently available on all app stores.

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—by CNJ Staff

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