If America Is to Survive, She Needs Her Veterans to Be Equipped and Activated

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Veteran's Day

The United States of America came into existence unlike any other nation in history—through the ratification of a document drafted by representatives of “We the People.”

Brilliant solutions to the trials and errors of countless prior generations were embodied in that brief document. The rule of law replaced the rule of men. All citizens were equal before that law, regardless of their wealth or status. Rights would be protected but not granted by the government in recognition of their source as divine, not human.

Government officials would serve by the will of the people, not by inheritance or privilege. Government powers were strictly limited to those listed (enumerated) in that document and further defined by dividing them among three separate-but-equal branches, each with the power to check the other two.

Ratification was followed by two centuries of more trial and error in the continual struggle “to form a more perfect union” by living up to those principles. During that time, America—with all its flaws—became the freest, the most prosperous country on earth, and the most significant force for the good of any nation in history. But today, all of these many blessings we inherited—our Constitution, our individual liberty, our culture, our republic itself—are threatened But today, all of these many blessings we inherited—our Constitution, our individual liberty, our culture, our republic itself—are threatened with extinction as the rule of law is thrown aside for the rule of emotionalism.

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That threat is not from any external force—no foreign power could ever destroy our nation—only from within. If our constitutional republic is to endure, we must be willing to defy our opponents and utterly annihilate them in the arena of ideas. Failure to do so would betray future generations.

For this reason, the Champions of Liberty program undertaken by Veterans in Defense of Liberty has been instituted, equipping military veterans to fulfill their life-long oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

After a careful screening process, Champions of Liberty undergo an intensive, one-week course in Washington, D.C., on America’s great heritage, history and founding principles of government. They receive advanced training on how to defend and advance these values in writing, speaking, debating and media interviews.

Participants will learn about current vital issues and threats to our constitutional republic and how to resist and defeat those opponents with civility and confidence. This intense initial training is followed up with a national network fostering continual communication, education, discussion, debate, feedback, recruitment and opportunities to advance our mission.

The training is tailored for veterans willing to continue honoring their oath by assuming leadership positions in returning constitutional fidelity, as well as those in media, community leaders and other nation-shaping roles.

America has the greatest military on earth–the finest warriors, most advanced weapons and training. They can and will achieve any mission they’re given.

So too the Champions of Liberty in pursuing our mission of rescuing America by restoring our constitutional republic and founding Christian values.

Dr. Scott Magill is founder and executive director of Veterans in Defense of Liberty.

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