How to Serve Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak

by christiannewsjournal

The coronavirus will not keep America down if we collectively band together.

Most of us are isolated at this time to prevent the virus from spreading. However, there are definitive actions all of us can take without disrupting social distancing guidelines.

Whether it is helping the aging buying their groceries, aiding children during school closures by providing meals, donating money to first responders, or giving blood — we got this America, and we can get through this season of change.

We’ve established a list of manageable steps that you can take to help those around you!

Donate Medical Gloves

Call your local hospital to see if they lack rubber gloves as supplies could be low and offer to do a collection. Post the request on social media and designate a place for drop-off. If you can’t find traditional rubber gloves, try Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves, Premium Protection (Small, Pack- 3), Casabella Waterblock Gloves, or any dishwashing gloves would work, and they are moderately priced.

Helping Seniors

Seniors and people with jeopardized immune systems are at high risk and could be fearful of going into stores. Do the grocery shopping for them and drop off the groceries on their porch with a note. Or let people in the neighborhood know you can do their shopping for them by dropping a card into their mailbox or outside their door that you’re available.

Help Seniors

Additionally, research and contact your local senior services on ways to help. For example, Southeastern Virginia is the regional organization in South Hampton Roads that supports seniors through volunteering, education, transportation and is offering guidance to seniors, who are self-isolating during COVID-19. You can also reach out to local nursing homes, senior centers and health departments for contacts and tell them your intentions. The National Association of County Health Officials (NACCHO) has created a tool to help search for local health departments in your area. Find contact information for local health departments here.

Making Masks for Hospitals

JOANN Fabrics is helping hospitals with free mask kits. They launched “The Mask Project,” where you can help make and donate masks to hospitals. The kit includes free tools, supplies and the site has a video on how to make masks. You can pick-up curbside at your local store and get your sewing skills on.

Start a Food Drive and Baby Drive

There are many parents and single parents who are losing income during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their hours have been cut but need to keep daycare services to keep working. Maybe your child is in daycare, and you have stable employment. Praise God! For others, they need help with baby wipes, diapers, formula and food. Ask the center director if you can begin a food drive/baby drive to ease the burden.

You are not limited to daycare. You can start a food drive in your garage! Post a request on Our Action Place (OAP) social media app. Download the Our Action Place app available from the Apple and Android stores to start a food drive in your area.

Help First Responders

While countless people are working from home, that’s not an alternative for first responders. First responders are asking all people to stop walk-in blood pressure checks to protect their staff. However, you can ask if there is anything they need via phone or email. Maybe offer to drop off store-bought baked goods and bags of coffee. Leave the packages by the door, so there is limited personal contact.

Among the closures and craziness of COVID-19, let’s all look at the bigger picture of spreading hope, love and kindness to others. See what you could do in your community!

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