How to Journal Your Troubles Away

By Akosua Frempong, Ph.D

by Danielle Dolin

Journaling has many benefits. These benefits include emotional, mental, and spiritual advantages. Journaling can even positively affect our relationships.

While journaling has these benefits, there are a couple of things to consider when it comes to journaling. Overall, we must do journaling well to ensure significant benefits to you. So, how do we journal effectively? Here are some tips to ponder on:

  • When journaling, you need to write honestly. You must write what you think. You need not hide anything. To help with this, you could start your journal entries with “Dear God.” By beginning that way, you make the address to God and, therefore, write your journal as a prayer, trusting God with it. Don’t hold back. God wants to know everything. So, you can tell him through journaling. When done, trust Him for the answer.
  • If you didn’t write the journal entry as a prayer, pray when you’re done journaling. Remember, God knows everything. Yet, He wants to hear from you. God wants you to know that He cares. God wants you to trust Him. So, give your care to Him (1st Peter 5:7). Let Him know what you’re thinking and feeling. After, trust Him to sort out the details; when He does, record that, too.
  • Write as much or as little as you wish. The goal is to be genuine about what you feel and why you feel it. Stop when you think you have gotten all your emotions out and relax.
  • Journal often, especially in the most challenging times. During these times, you need clarity. That’s why it will be essential to journal or put your thoughts on paper rather than not.
  • Journal in a quiet setting. Focus on journaling. Be as expressive as you’d want to be in your writing. Stop and think if you need to. Remember, it’s about you and you processing your thoughts so you can get a better understanding of a situation, of yourself, of others, and even of God and His work. Through journaling, you can see how God has worked in various areas of your life and be changed by that.

So, as you begin or continue your journaling journey, remember to implement some of these ideas.

As journaling enhances our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, it’s worth investing time in whether for a season or the long term—to help create a more relaxed you and a greater sense of well-being and closeness to God.

Akosua Frempong, Ph.D., is a freelance journalist with the Evangelical Press Association. She has worked in journalism on three continents. As part of her journalism experience, she has worked as a broadcast journalist, anchor, and producer. Dr. Frempong is an adjunct journalism professor at Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Moreover, she is the founder of Listening Ear Communications, a company that provides excellent, professional journalism to various news media organizations and publications.

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