Home Improvements That Give Your Home a Fresh Look

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Everyone craves a fresh, cozy and comfortable home. That is why affluent homeowners seem to be updating their furniture and renovating different rooms in their homes all the time. But this should not be a “rich people” thing. Everyone can update their homes regardless of their financial status. You can hire someone to renovate your home at an affordable cost, or you can improve your home using simple DIY projects. This article explores the home improvement projects that you can invest in to give your home a fresh look.

1. Add wallpaper

Wallpaper changes your wall patterns, inject your personality in the home, improve the texture of a room, and add some color and character. It is one of the most effective yet extremely affordable ways of revamping your interior décor. There are tons of statement designs to choose from including textured digital prints, bright bold colors, painterly, muted colored and even hand-drawn wallpapers. It all depends on your personality and budget.
One question that many homeowners ask when deciding whether to decorate their homes with wallpaper is: How long does wallpaper paste last?

Well, most wallpapers pastes are treated with antifungal killers, which guarantee you that it will last for decades. During the installation process, it is advisable that you only mix up the amount you need every day otherwise it can get overly sticky. If you mixed up too much paste and you have to store some, put it in a plastic bottle with an airtight lid. That will keep it usable for another month or two.

2. Change the bathroom fixtures

The bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas in your house. It is the room almost every visitor feels entitled to enter other than the living room. Revamp it by replacing your outdated shower or bathtub with new, modern fixtures. Improve the lighting in the bathroom. Ensure that the walls and the floor are cleaned and freshly painted. Be sure to hire a renovation company that will get the job done right.

3. Seal wall cracks

Hire a siding contractor to renovate the sidings and fix any parts that have been damaged by weather elements, as well as any cracks on the walls. This doesn’t just give your home a better aesthetic appeal- it helps you save a lot of money on energy costs. While at it, be sure to seal any leaks that could reign havoc in the home during winter, either by leaking in water or that allows your conditioned air to escape.

4. Create open spaces

When your home is open and airy, visitors will find it classier and bigger than it actually is. You can create open spaces in your living room simply removing all the clutter and junk that you don’t use or need anymore. Another way is moving furnishings around the living and dining room until you are able to maximize the open spaces. Consider painting the huge furniture that you seem to be occupying most of the room with an off-white color. White has the magical ability to make huge furniture seem inexistent.

If you have the resources, you can consider knocking down a few walls, say the wall dividing the seating area with the dining area, or the wall between the living room and the deck.

5. Add plants

Plants apart from their environmental benefits, look attractive too. There are lots of plants nowadays that are grown inside and which give your home environment a fresh and beautiful look. Even if you don’t have much natural light in your home, you can use LED Grow Light which would almost substitute the natural late and grow your plants.

6. Install new kitchen cabinets

New and modern ready to assemble cabinets are great for your home’s overall aesthetic value. It doesn’t help much to update the rest of the home and retain those outdated cupboards in the kitchen. Note that the kitchen is another high-traffic area that every guest will notice if anything is amiss.

7. Add a deck

Adding a deck improves the functionality as well as the resale value of your home. Outdoor living spaces are highly desirable these days, especially with the increased popularization of “staycations’ – vacations within your own home.

8. Update your lighting

Proper lighting makes a room appear more open, airy and welcoming. On the flip side, poorly lit rooms appear dull and can be a huge contributor to anxiety and stress. One affordable way of improving your home’s lighting is buying table lamps or floor lamps for your living room. You can also invest in a minor remodeling to enlarge the windows or change the panes.


Giving your home a fresh new look isn’t as tedious or expensive as many people imagine. All you need is to dedicate significant time and energy to the home improvement project and you will significantly transform your space without breaking the bank.

Nora Price is a pre-elementary school teacher and a writer, she has been teaching kids for seven years now. She also works with kids that have problem speaking and she helps people to speak with confidence in their public speeches. The reason why she decided to become a teacher is that she believes that knowledge is power and she gives her best to educate her pupils.

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