Healthy Aging: 5 Benefits of Daily Exercises for Elders

by christiannewsjournal

Thanks to a lot of pioneering research on this topic over the past few decades, we all know that a certain amount of physical activity and exercise is always good for us. This is why we must try to make it part of our average daily routine. As a matter of fact, there are very many studies that have proven the tremendously important health benefits of even moderate exercise. Moreover, it becomes all the more important with the passage of time, as we age.

It would not be wrong to assert that fairly regular physical exercise and exertion for senior citizens almost always helps them to improve their mental and physical health. Here it is pertinent to note that both of these critically important faculties will be instrumental in helping you to maintain your independence even as you age over the years. Let us take a quick look at the following five benefits of exercise and physical activities for both seniors as well as aging adults:

  • Exercise Helps Prevent Many Diseases

Various studies have consistently shown that maintaining any sort of regular physical activity can actively help in the prevention of various common diseases, including both heart ailments and diabetes. In fact, it is now well known that exercise has the ability to improve the overall immune function of the body. This is particularly useful for the elderly since their immune systems are already weak and some of them are even under the care of remote patient monitoring devices as it is. Thus, healthy exercise can also act as the first line of defense against COVID 19 and other illnesses of a similar nature. Even slow walking can also be a great tool when it comes to preventable disease management.

  • Improvement in Mental Health

The mental health advantages of physical exercise are considered to be virtually endless. Exercise has the unique ability to produce endorphins. (These are basically, “feel good” hormones that can act as a form of stress reliever. If there are enough endorphins surging through your system, you will end up feeling both happy and satisfied. Apart from that, healthy exercise has more often than not been linked towards marked improvement in the sleep cycle. This last is particularly important for the elderly, since they often suffer from frequent bouts of insomnia, not to mention disrupted sleep patterns.  

  • Decreased Risks of Tripping and Falls

Older adults tend to be at a much higher risk of tripping and falling. This can prove to be absolutely disastrous for maintaining any sort of social independence. Here, your daily exercise regime will help to substantially improve your overall strength and flexibility. In the long run, it will also help to improve your balance and coordination, thus effectively, reducing the associated risk of tripping and falling.

  • Social Engagement Due to Group Exercises

It does not matter if you join group fitness classes, or a walking group, or for that matter, even different gardening classes. Any group exercise activity can turn out to be a great way to socialize and have fun, while at it. Here, it is pertinent to note that maintaining strong social ties can be very important for adults who are rapidly aging. It will give them a sense of purpose and they won’t feel lonely. In fact, they will actually look forward to their exercise sessions.

  • Improved Cognitive Functions and Abilities

Fairly regular physical activity leads to much more finely-tuned motor skills. This, in its turn, benefits cognitive functionality as well. It will also lower the risk of dementia in advanced age.

  • Gym Equipment for the Elderly

It would be futile to purchase heavy-duty weights and related stuff when you want to equip a gym for the elderly. Elliptical machines, rowing machines, exercise stationary bikes, and other low-impact machines would be the ideal gym equipment for a gym populated by the elderly.

Most sorts of physical exercise and activities are good for you. However, it is very important to make them part and parcel of your everyday routine. That way, they will become a priority as well as a habit in your everyday life. They will increase your longevity, social independence and protect you from many chronic ailments as well. So start exercising today!

-Nora Price

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