Handyman Who Went Viral Asking for Work Gets New Apartment for Family

Handyman Robert Simpson lost his job and home during the coronavirus pandemic. He decided to improve his situation by standing at the Hurstbourne exit in Louisville, Ky. for a week, holding a sign asking people for work. 

Simpson’s images went viral as he stood along Hurstbourne, leading to Green Star Home Remodeling hiring him. “He shows up every single morning, early morning shift, and he shows up happy,” said the company’s Matt Thomas. “He wanted this opportunity. He wanted this second chance, which everybody in this world deserves.”

In July, Green Star created a GoFundMe page.

“Rob is a humble man and has not once asked for a dime he has not earned, but he and his family are without essential needs, such as a vehicle and a permanent place to stay, so it is Green Star’s hope that you will join us in supporting our neighbor Rob and his family by providing the funds needed to get him back on his feet.”

They raised over $25,000 of its $20,000 goal to help Simpson and his family with the essentials they needed.

The diligent worker received more than a job. His co-workers provided a newly furnished apartment.

“I never thought I’d move into some place like this,” Simpson said, adding that his family would love it. “Thank y’all so much.”

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