Hair Salon Removes Job Ad for ‘Happy’ Stylist Because It’s Bias Against ‘Unhappy’ People

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political correctness
Hair Salon owner Alison Birch.
Alison Birch (SWNS)

Political correctness never ceases to amaze these days. This one is a real doozy out of Stroud, England.

Salon owner Alison Birch posted a job ad for a part-time hairdresser with five years of experience at her AJ’s Unisex Hair Salon. The advertisement also requested that the person applying is “confident in barbering and all aspects of hairdressing. This is a busy, friendly, small salon, so only happy; friendly stylists need to apply.”

How dare she want to hire a happy person?

A job center told Birch that the advertisement could make applicants reluctant to apply if they do not deem themselves to be a “happy” person. “I’m sorry, but the word happy is a discriminatory word and we aren’t allowed to use it, ” the job center stated, “as somebody who is not happy will be discriminated against.”

Birch, 54, who has run her salon for 20 years, told the Daily Mail: “It was less than an hour after I’d gone online and placed the ad with the local job center that I got a call from a man there saying there was a problem.”

Birch checked her own feelings at first.

“Was I being a bit sensitive, and is the word happy discriminative? Or has this whole world all gone mad?”

No, the world has gone nuts. This is another example of this derangement.

One customer, Karen Evans, said: “The world has gone absolutely mad.

“Does this mean that every descriptive word is discriminative… happy, tall, smart, elegant? Good luck with your search.”

Only in today’s culture would “happy” be considered “discriminatory.”

“In the end I told him I wouldn’t proceed with the ad. I can’t repeat some of the words I used!,” Birch added.

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