Gov. Ron DeSantis Pushes Back Against Corporate Media’s ‘Smear Merchants’

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is taking a stand against a selectively edited “60 Minutes” segment about him that ran this past Sunday night on CBS and that took aim at his state’s successful vaccination program for seniors by baldly accusing him of engaging in a “pay to play” arrangement with Publix, the popular Florida-based supermarket chain.

The television program claimed that DeSantis favored Publix for COVID vaccine distribution over other organizations or locations—which DeSantis clearly detailed was not the case.

DeSantis provided full context for his state’s vaccine rollout. However, “60 Minutes” chose to edit out DeSantis’s comments about the distribution—therefore giving viewers a skewed picture of exactly what played out.

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On Tuesday morning, Gov. DeSantis rebuffed the “fake narrative” that the program put forward by asserting that this story is not over—and vowed “accountability” for what happened.

Said DeSantis in part, “They cut out everything that showed that their narrative was a piece of horse manure … I know corporate media thinks that they can just run over people … [but] you’re not running over this governor. I’m punching back.”

Watch his remarks this morning, here:

DeSantis said he believes that “60 Minutes” engaged in “deceptive editing” for the segment.

The governor told Fox News on Tuesday morning, in part, “We’ve done one of the best jobs in the country in protecting our seniors, [and] the results speak for themselves. But they didn’t want to tell you that because they know that [would] blow up their narrative.”

He also explained that he consulted with multiple county officials and others in terms of rolling out vaccine distribution—but again, the program did not make that clear.

And see these other tweets for further information, context, and reaction:

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