God Is Involved in the Coronavirus and Does Not Want Us to Fear

by christiannewsjournal
Woman in fear

In response to an unprecedented number of requests from his followers around the world who are expressing increasing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Rabbi Kirt Schneider, a Messianic Jewish Shaliach (Messenger of Jesus), released a special video in order to address the fear and concerns.



“God is personally involved with coronavirus, and because of that we should not be afraid. He is here with us and does not want us to respond in fear,” said Schneider in the 10-minute video.

The video has already received 2.9 million views on Facebook and 24,000 shares.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider is a Messianic Jewish Shaliach and the host of the “Discovering the Jewish Jesus,” television show which is viewed over 1.6 million times in the U.S. each week and is available in approximately 200 nations worldwide. Schneider’s ministry has 1.6 million Facebook followers.

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