Girl Hears Mom for First Time Thanks to Cochlear Implants

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A young girl in Kansas is now able to can hear thanks to cochlear

A young girl in Kansas is able to hear thanks to cochlear implants. Mavis Malone, 2, was born with a genetic defect that left her with hearing loss, CBS News reported.

“Can you hear mama? Mama?” Casey asks her daughter.

Moments later, the little girl covered her face as her mother wrapped her arms around her.

Watch this Moving Moment!

Getting treatment for children sooner rather than later has countless benefits, including laying the foundation for fundamental language and social skills, the Cochlear website explains. Adding, “The receiver sends the signals to electrodes implanted in the snail-shaped inner ear (cochlea). The signals stimulate the auditory nerve, which then directs them to the brain. The brain interprets those signals as sounds, though these sounds won’t be just like normal hearing.”

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