Gifting outside the box

by christiannewsjournal
Jesus Wells

There are many local and international faith-based charities that provide non-traditional gift giving opportunities worthy of our generosity. Here are several unique ways we can reach out to the needy around us and across the world.

Meals for the homeless
Your financial gift can provide food and housing for the homeless in the Twin Cities through the Union Gospel Mission. Just $39.20 will provide a meal for 20.

Goat and 2 chickens
A gift of a pair of chickens and a goat will provide a steady supply of eggs, milk, and meat to feed children and help families in Africa. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. $100.

Plant with Purpose

An ecological latrine that will reduce possibility of water-related illness.

Ecological latrine
An ecological latrine from Plant with Purpose offers the gift of health by reducing water pollution and the possibility of water-related illness in third-world countries. This composting latrine takes what would otherwise be waste and transforms it into a valuable source of fertilizer for farms. $300.

Jesus Wells
Often located near a church or Bible college, Gospel for Asia’s Jesus Wells are constructed by local builders and can save an entire village from waterborne illness in India. They also provide opportunities for missionaries to share the love of Jesus with villagers seeking clean water. $1,400.

Freedom from sex industry
Poverty leaves people with little choice and many are either forced into the sex trade or enter into it thinking it’s their only alternative. WorldHelp provides holistic rehabilitation and spiritual care through trauma counseling, education and vocational opportunities, jobs, and a safe environment saturated with the love of Christ. You can help sponsor this care through a donation of $120. A gift of $1,200 would provide a month of care and rehabilitation.

Providing the Lobi people in Africa with the Old Testament
The Lobi people are still waiting for the Bible to be translated into their language, Lobiri. The translation team is working on the Old Testament. The Old Testament helps people understand the cultural context and history of the Bible that leads up to the life-changing message of the New Testament — the redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ. $75.

Helping babies and moms survive
You can provide protection in the form of medical care, education and nutritional support. A gift provides trained survival specialists to visit the homes of mothers and babies, immunizations, prenatal and medical care along with emotional and spiritual support. $48 for one month.

Household water filters
Simple to use and maintain, household filters remove harmful pollutants and bacteria like E. coli through a natural process requiring no electricity or chemicals and can make contaminated water safe to drink for years to come. $100.

newsphotos-samaritanspurse-120114Rainwater collection tank
A rainwater collection tank harvests natural rainwater and directs it into a storage system where it can later be used for drinking, cooking, doing laundry, bathing and irrigating crops. Water tanks like these, built of sturdy cement, give families peace of mind about where they can access water. $500.

Refugee relief
Provide aid to Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Your gift of $20 is enough to provide food and medicine for one refugee child for one month.

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