Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones Moves to the Republican Party

by christiannewsjournal

Former Democrat Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones announced that he would be joining the Republican Party.

Jones, a supporter of Donald Trump, announced the decision on Twitter Wednesday ahead of Congress certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

“Moments ago, I announced that I am officially joining the Republican Party. Now more than ever, the Republican Party is in desperate need of leaders that know how to fight. I know how to fight.”

He will need to fight. The Republican party suffered deathblows in Georgia. Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Jon Ossoff defeated Sen. David Perdue. The 50-50 tie in Congress’s upper chamber means Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will serve as a tie-breaking vote.

Jones emailed CNJ a quote about his excitement for the future, despite his new party’s political setbacks. 

“Today is my very first day as a member of the @GOP. Along with the excitement comes the responsibility to live up to & promote the ideals of the party. I look forward to bringing new & unique ideas to our future. America is the greatest country on earth, We Will Make It Greater!”

-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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