Georgia Lawmakers Back Overturning Roe

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abortion supporters

Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) praised four state lawmakers who joined more than 300 colleagues from 34 other states in petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Those who value the sanctity of human life and the Personhood of every pre-born child are grateful for the courage shown by these GRTL PAC endorsed legislators in taking a public stand against the un-godly, horrendous ruling that has claimed the lives of more than 62 million innocent children,” said GRTL President Ricardo Davis.

The legislators: Rep. Charlice Byrd (Woodstock), N. Stanley Gunter (Blairsville), Philip Singleton (Sharpsburg), and Tyler Paul Smith (Bremen) added their names to an amicus brief filed with the court that says Roe is “egregiously wrong.”

The case involves a Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks gestation. The high court is being asked to overturn an appeals court’s decision that upheld a lower court ruling that struck down the law.

The brief asserts that Roe is …”based on inadequate reasoning; it is at odds with modern law; and it has been undermined by modern science.”

Arguing for states’ rights, the filing quotes another high court ruling that said Roe has elevated abortion from a state-based debate “to the national level where it is infinitely more difficult to resolve.” It concludes that “Roe has made this Court the sole arbiter of abortion regulation.”

In addition, Roe has taken away the ability of state lawmakers to carry out the will of those who elected them.

Davis noted that overturning Roe would “return the power to end abortion to the states. In Georgia, that would clear the way to adopting a Personhood amendment to our constitution in order to guarantee the protection of all innocent human life from earliest beginning through natural death.”

The court is expected to hear the case this fall and issue a ruling next spring.

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Georgia Right to Life promotes respect and effective legal protection for all innocent human life from earliest biological beginning through natural death. GRTL is one of a number of organizations that have adopted Personhood as the most effective pro-life strategy for the 21st century.

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