Focus on the Family Flips the Script on Planned Parenthood

by christiannewsjournal

I used to be a Democrat before being saved. I remember watching pro-life demonstrations on television, seeing images of babies, and being told by the the political party, my rights as a woman would be in dire straits if I didn’t keep them in office.

If I and many pro-choice people had an opportunity to watch the Focus on the Family’s New York event in 2019, perhaps, the transformation of minds would’ve been sooner before salvation.

Focus on the Family presented a baby in the third-trimester in 4D ultrasound at 500 Broadway and West 43rd Street, the soul of Times Square Plaza, flipping the script so deceitfully marketed by Planned Parenthood.

Quietness flooded over pro-choice protesters as they dropped their signs in New York to view the monitors. Many speakers like Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., spoke during last year’s event sharing more black babies were killed by Planned Parenthood in New York City than born.

A sobering thought.

Alive 2019 mobile unit ultrasound signs

“The Black Lives Matter people, they threw their signs and joined us,” Jim Daly, the head of Focus on the Family, tells CNJ, “in that microcosm, the light bulb went off. Why stand with people trying to kill us?” 

Abortion-induced deaths in the black community are “69 times higher than HIV deaths, 31 times higher than homicides, 3.6 times higher than cancer-related deaths, and 3.5 times higher than deaths caused by heart disease,” Life News reports. The sad truth is, says Daly — Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is tied to eugenics, wanted to reduce the number of black babies coming into the country, her wish is coming true.

There is power in seeing life, especially on 12-foot-high screens.

Due to the coronavirus virus restrictions this year, the organization will launch a pro-life event called “SEE LIFE 2020” virtually on Saturday at 8 PM, on Focus on the Family’s Facebook page. Daly and the ministry is taking this a step further this year with a new provocative ad running during CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s and Don Lemon’s time slots and during the event. 

We can’t win hearts simply preaching to pro-life supporters, and CNN’s audience is fairly liberal. 

This is a win.

The ad features a baby girl in the womb asking a question like “Will I feel pain?” In the end, she says, “The decision won’t be mine.”

“This a provocative way to talk about life, from the perspective of the baby inside, which I don’t think we do. Planned Parenthood has done a number on the culture that says it’s a blob of tissue — that it’s not human — that baby is human,” states Daly. “We are doing a great job of helping convince the culture that life is the better choice.”

Today, women have more options to raise their children. There’s job training, diapers assistance, housing, food assistance and adoption programs. There are safety nets in place, like never before.

“It’s not 1973 no longer, women can make a better choice,” says Daly. “We want to encourage women, not with finger-wagging or scolding. We want to come along beside them that they have a better choice that will not emotionally harm them for the rest of their lives.”

Many pro-choice women accept the myths like, I once believed — it’s only a blob of cells or the position, “no one can control my body” as an excuse. As science is showing as well as with advances in technology — life is valuable in the womb. Focus on the Family is establishing a precedent by using science and technology to change hearts — exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood.

As Daly says, “It’s not a blob of tissue. It’s a baby.”

Corine G. Santillo

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