Florida Elementary School Takes Field Trip to Gay Bar

by christiannewsjournal

A Florida teacher along with a school board member took an elementary class to Rosie’s Bar and Grill, a gay bar, last week for their field trip. “Whether you are LBGTQ+ or an ally … whether you are local or visiting … whether you come with a group or venture out solo … you will have a memorable experience with the most talented crew in South Florida,” the bar’s website said.

Broward County School Board member Sarah Leonardi of District 3 touted the importance of the experience.

“I was SO honored to be invited to chaperone @WiltonManorsES’s,” Leonardi posted on Twitter. Field trip to the incredible Rosie’s! The students and I had a fun walk over and learned a lot about our community! A huge thank you to @RosiesBnG for hosting this special field trip every year!”


It also created an uproar on social media.

“What the hell are these people, parents, school board, teachers thinking? Allowing CHILDREN to have a field trip to a BAR. be it open for business (normal hours) or closed. anyone that approved this needs to be suspended or terminated. forget the fact what kind of bar it is,” posted one parent.

Another posted:

“I guess elementary school has changed? I was a 4th-grade teacher for years, and I promise you we went to museums, state legislature, parks.”

“So VERY thankful I sent my six kids to private school,” another wrote.

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