Father believes classmate saved his daughter’s life

Pastor Randy Scroggins is talking about his daughter’s survival and the man who saved her life during the mass shooting in Oregon in which nine were shot dead after being asked about their faith.

Scroggins, senior pastor at New Beginnings Church of God, used the pulpit Sunday to share the testimony of how, with his last breaths, Treven Anspach saved his daughter Lacey’s life.

During the mass shooting, gunman Chris Harper Mercer questioned students about their religion at Umpqua Community College. Lacey, 18, later told her father that Mercer had asked one man to come to the front.

“You’re the lucky one. You’re not going to die today,” he said.

After that Lacey heard a shot close to her and realized Anspach, had been shot and he was bleeding. Anspach started rolling toward her.

“I felt Treven’s body as it moved over mine,” Lacey told her father.

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