Stories about Spiritual Growth

Good Friday’s Most Personal and Poignant Meaning

Looking back, it makes sense to me that my dad was called from this Earth to be with God on Good Friday. That was seven years ago now—though it so many ways, it seems like yesterday. A lifelong practicing Catholic and a man of deep faith, my father did not

Stables of Hope

The sand and dried-out soil from the sun kicks up in my face walking towards the stable entrance. Not a breeze, nor a stir in

Tool or Ruler?

I’ve got a riddle for you. What fits in a rectangle the size of a Pop-Tart, steals like a cat, can plunge like a knife


How Does Christ Change How I Work?

In John 6 Jesus miraculously fed five thousand hungry mouths with five loaves and two fish. That same crowd hunted Jesus around the countryside and found


Just Do the Next Thing

I’ll never forget the morning I walked into the Revive Our Hearts office and fell into my friends’ arms, sobbing, because I got news the night before

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