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Everyday Stories of Evangelism

pastor leading church

Opinion: Should a Full-Time Pastor Work?

Many church leaders are of the opinion that a full-time pastor or any other ministry gift, should not work or engage in any personal business. These include those just starting up a church, with very few members and those who are called to public evangelism. I have discussed and debated

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Man sitting in Church

Loss and Scandal Led Me to Jesus

For half a generation now, we’ve watched people use the internet to announce their disillusionment or deconversion, or most recently, “deconstruction.” We may be growing

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Keith and Kristyn Getty

Christmas with the Gettys

December is an especially busy time for Christian music artists Keith and Kristyn Getty. The couple, known for the modern hymn “In Christ Alone,” have

John Allen Chau

Missionary’s death debated

The last reported sighting of American missionary John Allen Chau was Nov. 17. Fishermen off the coast of India’s North Sentinel island spotted what they

Evangelist Billy Graham

New Billy Graham tributes launched

On Aug. 20, the permanent Sirius XM channel dedicated exclusively to messages from “America’s Pastor,” who preached over the decades in hundreds of venues around

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