Exclusive Interview with Singer-Activist Joy Villa: ‘My Faith in God Is at the Core of Everything I Do’

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In an exclusive interview with Christian News Journal for a new “Three Questions” original video series, singer, performer, author, and activist Joy Villa—whose latest single is “Voice Over Violence”—explained that her faith in God “is at the center and at the core of every single thing I do.”

“It takes an incredible amount of faith to do anything incredible in this world,” said the talented singer-songwriter, who recently left L.A. for Nashville. “My faith in God has been at the center and is at the core of everything I do. And when it’s not, I notice a big difference,” she added.

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The daughter of a preacher, Villa acknowledged that the year 2021 has started off on an incredibly challenging note for so many Americans, given the political and civil strife across the country and the continued economic distress so many are experiencing, much of it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Things are crazy,” said Villa. Yet through faith, believers can be “stable in the middle of a storm. My faith gives me that. Praying, talking to God, assessing the situation from the perspective of spiritual growth rather than [from a desire for an] immediate result”—this is the way forward, she said.

“The biggest lesson for me in the last couple of years is to wait—to let God lead the way,” she said.

And that is often so hard to do. Her recommendation for all readers, indeed for anyone of any age and any position, is to “be patient” and let God reveal Himself and His direction for our lives.

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“I did pray to God to be a huge voice in my industry, as a musician—and that led me to [having] a political voice,” said Villa, a conservative who advocates tirelessly for pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-First Amendment rights and causes. She said she works hard to remind others that God put every one of us here on Earth to do big, important things—and that we can never take His Word, or His abiding and endless love for us, for granted.

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“Have faith, trust in God, relax—but also do as much as you can” to help yourself, she urged.

Villa published her first book, Kickass Conservative!, this past fall (it’s available both in paperback and on Kindle), and it zoomed to bestseller status in Amazon’s Women in Politics category, attaining the number-four position beside other bestselling books in the same category by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Among the vivid stories revealed within the pages, Villa shares why she is “proudly pro-life and always will be.”

“I believe in loving the child and the mother, and I am proudly pro-life, without any judgment of others,” she writes.

More than a decade ago, Villa became pregnant as a young unwed teen—and when she went to a clinic to get the pregnancy confirmed, a nurse began to pressure her to get an abortion, “right then and there … That day,” Villa explains with aching honesty in her book.

“This nurse, a complete stranger to me—and someone who worked at the clinic for a living—was trying to make my choice for me. Yet she had no idea who I was, didn’t know about my life, my beliefs, my heart, my head, my soul. Well, guess what? I wasn’t buying what she was selling. I told that nurse, ‘No.’ And I walked right out of that clinic.”

Villa says that she was “shaking, upset, distraught. But no one was going to tell me what to do with my very own baby.” When her daughter was born, Villa put her baby up for adoption—and to this day, she keeps in touch with her child through the open adoption she set up “with a loving, caring family.”

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“My faith in God and my love for my growing baby gave me the strength I needed to survive” during those difficult times, she writes—adding that she knew her “child was a gift from God.”

She tells other young women who might be in the same position as she was, “Consider adoption for your baby. Please consider life … You will make it through this experience … You’re so much stronger than you know. You deserve a second chance at life—and your baby deserves a first chance. Life is precious. And so are you!”

Villa’s latest song, “Voice Over Violence,” featuring Ricky Rebel, shares her firm belief in self-expression and in conversation to solve the problems and disagreements people have in this country, rather than any detestable use of violence. She told CNJ that she had the “desire to produce calm” in the middle of “the insanity” that’s been occurring in our country, including the violence, looting, and destruction in so many American cities last summer. “And now there’s been insanity again,” she said.

Regarding big tech’s current censorship of so many people who hold conservative views, Villa urged individuals to “create their own safe places” for conversation, self-expression, and connection.

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“Have a mailing list. Have a website. There are social media companies out there that are not going to censor,” she said. Villa’s own website can be accessed here.

“Instead of panicking [over what’s going on],” Villa said, “have different things in place. Join the groups. There are plenty of us online. We are there. You have support. You are not alone!”

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