Enough Already! WWII Monument in North Carolina Vandalized

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The WWII Monument in North Carolina was vandalized in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Enough already!

The World War II monument was desecrated by despoilers who “spray-painted a hammer and sickle over the names of soldiers who died while fighting overseas,” Maddison Dibble reports in the Washington Examiner.

“Wayne White, a U.S. Air Force veteran, gathered a group of volunteers and began scrubbing the monument clean on Monday morning. He was upset, and properly so, by the vandalism because it encased the 507 names of people from Mecklenburg County who were “‘veterans and deserve the honor, respect, and dignity.'”

Police have not named any suspects in the vandalism.

The destruction of statues is happening all over America. 

A statue of George Washington was destroyed and vandalized in Portland, Oregon, after weeks of demonstrations and rioting in response to George Floyd’s murder. The incident took place on the eve of Juneteenth and ended an otherwise peaceful day of protests throughout the city. In Virginia, protesters toppled down a century-old statue (1907) of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the former capital of the Confederacy.

An effigy of Christopher Columbus was ripped down and cast into the water at a park in Virginia in early June.

“We have to start where it all began,” says activist Chelsea Higgs-Wise, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. “We have to start with the people who stood first on this land.”

Demonstrators also vandalized the national World War II memorial in Washington, D.C., during protests in June.

The power and love of Christ transcends all pain, hate, and anger in a situation riddled with grief and outrage. There needs to be accountability and justice for those who engage in racism. Yet, we are getting nowhere with the destruction property.

Corine Gatti Santillo

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