Docu-Series ‘Do Good’ Showcases Relief Work in the Wake of Louisiana Hurricanes

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DO GOOD – a 10-episode docu-series premiering March 5th, 2021, on YouTube – turns the spotlight on the heroic relief efforts – including by veterans – following the deadly Category 4 Hurricane Laura that devastated Southwest Louisiana in August, followed just six weeks later by Hurricane Delta. 

DO GOOD tells similarly powerful and inspirational stories of the recovery efforts following the back-to-back hurricanes that hit Louisiana last year,” said Producer and Director Justin Roberts. “In challenging times such as our nation has been facing, it’s time to shine the light on the many people who are sacrificing for others.”

Roberts is a military veteran and founder of Echo Bravo Productions, which focuses on making military-, veteran- and first responder-centered films. The company produced the award-winning documentary NO GREATER LOVE about U.S. military members fighting in Afghanistan. Each episode of DO GOOD explores the work of one organization pitching in to help rebuild its community following a storm that damaged 95 percent of structures in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

All monetized YouTube revenue will support the featured organization. 

Featured organizations include:

  • United Way
  • Cajun Navy Foundation
  • Aerial Recovery Group
  • Compassion Kind
  • Care Help
  • Southwest Louisiana Health Clinic
  • Southwest Louisiana Community Foundation

 “The citizen-led relief we saw in action after the hurricanes shows that people are hungry to help those in need,” said Rob Gaudet, Founder and Director of Cajun Navy Foundation. “The DO GOOD series verifies that when neighbors offer neighbors efficient, fast help, with no red tape and very little overhead, they can’t be stopped.”

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—by CNJ Staff

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