Doctors Save Man’s Life After Different Hospital Messed Up Treatment

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A California pastor who is currently brain dead is now recovering at a new medical care center and off several “unnecessary medications” the old hospital placed him on after refusing to perform a routine surgery.

The hospital also fought tooth and nail to pull the plug after they reportedly caused his injuries. Rather than treat the pastor after they injured him, the hospital reportedly decided killing the pastor would solve the problems.

The pastor’s family originally pleaded with the hospital to perform the surgery that would have drained the blood from his brain and staved off brain damage, but the hospital refused. Then, after the hospital reportedly caused the pastor’s brain damage, they reportedly sought to convince his family to off him rather than preserve his life by properly treating him.

In response, and to save his life, Life Legal Defense Foundation filed a lawsuit with the family against the hospital, and won in court a week ago on November 17. The grueling legal dispute held the pastor’s life in limbo as the hospital also refused to transfer him. The hospital reportedly claimed he was “unstable” in addition to demanding the family kill him off.

During the lawsuit, the hospital refused to supply the pastor’s full medical records and treatment logs, including the logs related to the exam that revealed his brain death.

However, once the family won in court, they transferred the pastor to a new hospital without complication. His condition is stable, and the new medical team weaned off multiple unnecessary medications from his treatment.

Soon, the new hospital will transfer the pastor to a specialized facility of the family’s choice where they will give the pastor the treatment he deserves.

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