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Every American citizen has the God-given right to sit on his or her front porch with a shotgun and fire extinguisher on their laps in order to defend their life, liberty, and property.  We have not done that in a couple of centuries, because in order to preserve those unalienable rights, we have collectively assigned to a select few fellow citizens the authority to act in our interests and pay them for their service.  These citizens are law enforcement officers—which I once was prior to going into medical practice

In a civil society operating under the rule of law, not men, we also elect officials to administer civic affairs through elected representatives. Public officials assuming this immense responsibility, are required to swear a solemn oath, affirming they will faithfully uphold the Constitution and laws passed by the people’s representatives.  This Oath serves the critical function of tying the office holder as a surrogate to the rights of the individual citizens. Failure to keep this Oath may be construed as treason or high crime.  Treason it truly is, by violating the unalienable rights, citizens have entrusted to their care.

'Blue Lives Matter'
Reuters/Jim Bourg

As we have seen recently, this Thin Blue Line is often all that stands between we the people and the violence of anarchy.  It is the first line of defense between Americans and the Left’s effort to provoke their plan to make America ungovernable before November.

Now leftist mayors and city councils call for defunding and dismantling their own police departments.  Beyond insanity, this is a brazen act of treason and a high crime against Americans. Even if a rational human being didn’t have time to think through this policy of pure madness, they have only to look at places where police are virtually shut out (e.g., Baltimore) to see that they are calling for the destruction and death of their communities and fellow citizens.

Since anarchy is impossible to sustain, who will fill the vacuum of cities with no police?  Black Lives Matter, which initially made the ludicrous defunding demand, is forming an armed ‘Peace Officers.’ Corps, ensuring our streets are run by American terrorists.   

What we have been watching the last few weeks is not merely protests or even riots.  Rather, it is the continuing Revolution to utterly overthrow America and permanently suspend our Constitution by the Domestic Enemy.  As explained by a ’60s domestic terrorist and Obama booster Bill Ayres, “Always remember the issue is never about the issue; the issue is always about the Revolution.” Like Ayers, both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are firmly rooted in the Communist party with reported ties to anti-American socialist billionaire George Soros.

Do not be hornswoggled into believing this is about George Floyd, or “words that work” such as “systemic racism,” “police racism,” or “police brutality.” America is the least racist nation on earth.  Those racist terms were first listed in Bill Ayers’ book, Prairie Fire Manifesto, (dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy) and the Black Panther 10 point plan as “words that work” to be weaponized by the Left. The wrongful and, yes, indefensible death of George Floyd has provided the operatives on the Left, less interested in justice than Revolution, the hoped-for trigger to fire off a well-engineered and organized domestic battle plan against America and its current top defender, President Trump. 

Only through such distractions can our domestic enemies finally achieve their Maoist-Marxist “Long march through the institution” — a 125-year march which, if successful, will kill the “last best hope for mankind on earth” and replace it with a new dark age for humanity of absolute tyranny under the rule of despots.

The Left’s tactics are to twist these events to put patriots on the defense, set the terms of the debate, and demand we foolishly fight an unwinnable battle on the “politically correct” Battlefield they create using the false weapons they provide—the “words that work” for their purposes.  The false Battlefield, in this case, is 400 years of American systemic racism, and the false weapons include the conflation of such terms as white supremacy, white privilege, black lives matter, systemic police racism, and brutality.  Are there arguments to be made, in the micro, that there are bad people and bad police officers whose actions have targeted African-Americans? Of course. Any group of people has outliers who act violently and immorally. It is the result and the ravages of sin. But for the Left to argue from the false conclusion that these bad apples spoil our Republic’s entire bunch, to claim that any defense of America is a defense of evil, is itself evil.

We must utterly reject the enemy’s premises!

In so doing, we verify the truth contained within the “Paradox of Tolerance,” which states that in a free society, the unlimited tolerance of the intolerant (i.e., the Left) will lead to the destruction of the tolerant and tolerance. 

Former military intelligence operators Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins of Unconstrainted Analytics expose the truth of how conservatives have inadvertently supported Leftist national-suicide policy.  They explain, “Political correctness is the enforcement mechanism of the multicultural narrative that implements Neo-Marxist objectives.  It is through these narratives that the Left drives policy.” Furthermore, they note:

  • “Narratives that conservative leaders neither control nor understand drive national policy. When Republican leaders shrink from Constitutional principles for fear of being accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., they are subordinating those principles to neo-Marxist narratives designed for that purpose. Though these narratives may have been initially imposed, Republicans will adopt them over time through usage. Subjective awareness of the role one plays in such a process is neither necessary nor required.
  • By submitting to these narratives, establishment Republicans first become pliant, and then obedient to the Left, accommodating it through “words that work” that create the illusion of opposition while actually signaling surrender in the information battlespace. In that role, regardless of the mandates that got them elected, establishment Republicans will defend the issues that got them elected in deliberately under-inclusive manners that conditions those issues for dialectical negation while demoralizing their base. What Republicans demoralize, the Left then disenfranchises. In this role, establishment Republicans become the defeat mechanism of the Left. (“Defeat Mechanism: The method of defeating the opponent.”  Joint Publication 5-00.1, Joint Doctrine for Campaign Planning, January 25, 2002).”

As mentioned, both ANTIFA and BLM organizers and leadership have their roots firmly implanted in the Communist party in America.

Quillette editor Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa members at a protest in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Screenshot | YouTube/The Oregonian

As mentioned, both ANTIFA and BLM organizers and leadership have their roots firmly implanted in the Communist party in America. We are witnessing the coming to fruition of Bill Ayers’ Prairie Fire Manifesto and the Black Panther 10 point plan. Conjointly they have converted “words that work” from weapons on the invisible Battlefield of ideas into weapons used within the unconcealed Revolution against the American culture. With solidarity being shown by Londoners (the birthplace of the Fabians.)  Palestinian Lives Matter in Israel, and Brussels with the Anti-American revolutionaries, it becomes blatantly apparent this Revolution is not only against the American culture but against Western Civilization.

These are frightening days for the future not only of America but of all humanity.  Exposing, condemning, and pushing back against these enemies domestic is no longer an option, but a requirement for every thinking American.

Millions of our fellow citizens have given the Last Full Measure of Devotion, not only for us but that freedom and liberty might extend to the very end of time.  We are but the stewards of the fruits of their sacrifice.  As good stewards, we must each do our part in the fight for civilization in which we find ourselves. As good Americans, we must stand firm and declare in the face of today’s evil Revolution: “Not here, not now, not on our watch!”

Dr. William Scott Magill is founder of Veterans in Defense of Liberty.

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