Democratic Presidential Candidate Calls Out Dems for “Quashing” Primary Process

By Robyn Spradlin

by Danielle Dolin

Democratic Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips criticized his own political party for interfering with the primary process in multiple states, stating that these actions were “just as dangerous as the insurrection” during a Breakfast Club interview on Friday.

Phillips, who is challenging President Joe Biden for the nomination, expressed frustration about the party’s suppression of the Democrat vote after his name was removed from the ballot in Florida and North Carolina by the party.

He also raised concerns about the New Hampshire primary debacle, where the Democrat National Committee’s decision to prioritize South Carolina over New Hampshire as the first primary led the New Hampshire legislature to move their primary to January. Now, according to Phillips, the DNC considers the New Hampshire primary “meaningless.”

Phillips questioned the Democrats’ strategy, saying, “How can Democrats claim they are fighting for democracy and making voting easier, yet they remove me from the ballot in Florida and North Carolina?”

He criticized the party for promoting support for free speech and democracy protection while refusing to participate in any debates.

“Right now, they are telling voters in New Hampshire that their votes don’t count,” he stated. “By calling this a meaningless primary, they are conveying that their votes won’t matter.”

Phillips, who claimed to know what insurrection looked like as he was in the Capitol on January 6, 2021, added that the Democratic Party’s actions of suppressing voters by denying the primary process were more dangerous than an insurrection.

“The Democratic Party is literally trying to prevent names from being added to ballots and people from even voting on those ballots,” he accused.

He also accused the Democrats of launching vicious, atrocious, and aggressive attacks against him.

“Two months ago, I was a darling in the Democratic Party, and now I’m the devil. I knew what I was getting into, and when I did this, I knew my career in Congress was done. And it is,” he lamented.

Phillips revealed that Donald Trump’s 2016 election win drew him into politics, and after the election, his party encouraged him to run for Congress in 2018.

“Now my party wants me to shush up and sit down,” he told the Breakfast Club.

According to Fox News, polls consistently show that Democrats overwhelmingly want someone other than Biden at the top of the presidential ticket. However, the only challenger other than Phillips is Marianne Williamson, an author, speaker, and spiritual guru.

Billionaire Bill Ackman announced on Monday that he’s donating $1 million to Phillips’ campaign, increasing the donation from the initially planned $3,300. Ackman stated, “This is by far the largest investment I have ever made in someone running for office, and I am making this investment at a high-risk but critically important moment for his campaign.”

Robyn Spradlin is a freelance journalist working as a contributor for Christian News Journal covering news and politics on the national and state levels. She has worked as a copywriter for Victory News on the Victory Channel since 2022. Robyn has an BA in Communication Studies and MA in Journalism from Regent University and is a member of the Evangelical Press Association. She is an author, evangelistic minister and a musician. She lives in South Florida where she enjoys the outdoors when she’s not writing.

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