Delaware Sued By Gun Owners Over Banning Self-Assembled Firearms

Immediately following a new law in Delaware that would ban self-assembled guns, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), a Conservative constitutional rights group, filed a lawsuit seeking an immediate injunction and revocation of the law over violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

House Bill 125, which was signed into law just days ago by Delaware Governor John Carney, would not only make self-assembled guns illegal, but it would also ban 3D-printed guns and customized weapons which are common among hunters.

The lawsuit emphasizes that the Constitution specifically allows American citizens to bear arms without infringement from government, and states this is outlined clearly in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Commenting on the lawsuit, FPC’s Senior Director of Legal Operations, Adam Kraut stated in a press release “The basic right of individuals to self-manufacture arms for self-defense, along with the possession of the parts and information necessary to exercise that right, is protected by the Constitution, period. Delaware’s new laws make exercising these rights a crime, which is unconstitutional and something we cannot allow to go unchallenged.”

Self-assembled guns, which are inaccurately deemed “ghost guns,” are weapons that a person puts together themselves out of various parts. Self-assembled guns are useful for hunting and home defense because they can be modified to better suit the requirements of the situation. Depending on the animal, different scopes, barrels, and even ammunition can make all the difference.

This isn’t the first lawsuit being filed by FPC, either. Earlier this month, FPC filed a lawsuit with concerned citizens in New York when the state moved to ban electronic weapons such as tasers and stun guns. This law could leave thousands of women without protection as they are forced to walk the streets in New York City.

They also filed another lawsuit with the Second Amendment Foundation over New York’s handgun carry ban in November of 2020. The ban sought to make it illegal to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed, in the State of New York unless they have a license from the state.

These lawsuits come on the heels of Democrats trying to shove gun control at the state level around the country in an effort to de-arm Americans. Biden also released a laundry list of gun control initiatives that stopped short of a nationwide “Red Flag” enforcement because Democrats know the Conservative Supreme Court would likely not rule in their favor.

However, Republican lawmakers around the country have been moving to block the bills to stop state governments from going forward with gun grabs nationwide, and Constitutional rights groups like the Firearms Policy Center and Second Amendment Foundation have been suing where Republicans held too small of a minority in state legislatures to stop them.

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John S. Paluska is a contributor to CNJ news.

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