Dad Pulls Daughter From $43K NYC School for Teaching Kids to ‘Feel Bad About the Color of Their Skin’

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Heschel School in Manhattan.
Harvey Goldman on Tuesday night discussed taking his daughter out of Heschel School

Harvey Goldman discovered his 9-year-old daughter and classmates were taught to “feel bad about the color of their skin” last fall. What did Goldman do? He pulled his kid out of the $43k-per-year Herschel School in Manhattan, according to the Daily Mail.

“They are teaching these kids terrible things,” he told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. “Teaching them to feel bad about themselves and it is really awful.”

Goldman found out what was going on through the school’s newsletter and complained to the headmaster — and he was rebuffed. He then wrote the school.

“First and foremost, neither I, nor my child, have ‘white privilege,’ nor do we need to apologize for it. Suggesting I do is insulting. Suggesting to my 9-year-old child she does is child abuse, not education.”

The school suggested he take his daughter out of the school.

He is not the only parent peeved by the response and recent events.

“I’ve gotten quite a few calls from parents of the school and they are pulling their kids out,” said Goldman. “They are not happy about what is being taught to their children. I’m not sure what else they could do but teach the school lesson by pulling their kids out. And getting their money out.”

After speaking out about the “woke” curriculum, more parents are moving their children to other schools.

In this case, Goldman moved his family from New York to Florida, citing most schools are now teaching critical race theory in the area. He told Carlson that Florida schools don’t teach critical race theory.

“These children go to a park and they want to play. They don’t care what color the other kids are. They care that they are having fun.”

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-By Corine Gatti-Santillo

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