Controversial LGBT curriculum is not mandatory according to a religious freedom group

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California schools

A religious freedom group is warning California students about the new History-Social Science Framework that includes “the role of contributions” of minority groups, including “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

According to the National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP), the Framework goes far beyond merely acknowledging historical figures.

SB 48, requiring the recognition of LGBT figures in history, was passed in 2011.  This past year the History-Social Science Framework was developed, which according to sources, goes beyond the requirements of SB 48.

NCLP states that the Framework aggressively strays into the sensitive areas of human sexuality and morality, promoting the redefinition of family and the denigration of religious groups and individuals who are “intolerant” of LGBT progress.

However, the Framework is not legally mandated, but is merely a guide or model that local school boards may follow or reject. However, these new text books could be available for students in 2017.

“LGBT activist organizations are misleading school districts, trying to bully them into adopting the California Department of Education’s 2016 History-Social Science Framework (Framework),” says Dean Broyles, lead attorney and president of NCLP.

The National Center for Law & Policy (NCLP) is notifying parents and school boards about the dangers of the proposed curriculum.

“After reviewing the Framework in light of applicable California law, alarm bells started going off,” said Broyles.

“We [NCLP] researched the issues and we have arrived at the informed legal opinion that the Framework is not mandatory and that parents and school boards should be made aware of its decidedly anti-family and anti-religious nature,” continued Broyles.

NCLP’s legal opinion memorandum can be reviewed here.


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