Congressional Report Exposes Government-Run Prison Indoctrination Camp In Washington, D.C.

by christiannewsjournal

A shocking report comprising of six eye-witness accounts of prison conditions for the January 6th protest detainees found conditions where the detainees are forced to live in cells covered in human fecal waste, blood, dirt, and mold. Additionally, the air was stale, uncirculated, and barely breathable, according to eye-witness accounts of the conditions, outlined in the report. Daily, the January 6th detainees are told to read militant Islamist propaganda, watch indoctrination videos and assimilate.

Further, the detainees said they did not have access to their attorneys or families and were being nutritionally starved. This is despite a special meeting facility designed specifically to afford detainees the ability to meet with their attorneys and families.

Eyewitnesses report the January 6 detainees are forced to buy their own food and were denied Communion based on vaccination status. One elderly male, 71, suffered from a black thumb and a purple forearm. Another inmate had a broken finger and one inmate with celiac disease often goes without care. They are also denied religious adherence based on their vaccination status.

One inmate had a broken toilet which correctional officers showed no sign of repairing in the future. Further, detainees asserted the guards poison their food with chemicals or place pubic hairs in it. Many inmates kept crackers and peanut butter, which they ate to supplement their diet.

This is all despite the fact the detainees have not been convicted of a crime and have not even had a fair trial. Most have not seen their families in months or years, and they are denied the right to a library that is afforded all prisoners based on Supreme Court rulings.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference on the report which you can watch here:

– John Paluska, CNJ Staff

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