College students plant nearly 500 flags in a ‘Cemetery for the Innocent’

by christiannewsjournal

Nearly 500 flags in a “Cemetery for the Innocent” covered a section of Louisiana College’s quad as a memorial to the unborn on March 20.

Each flag represented five of the lives aborted daily in the U.S.

Chaz Morgan, president of the Louisiana College Students for Life, described the Cemetery for the Innocent as a visual picture of the battle that those who value life.

“We wanted students to be aware of how serious this issue is in our nation today,” Morgan said. “We’re showing people there are pro-life people out there who stand for what they believe in.” The Students for Life initiative also included distribution of flyers about the abortion issue.

This is the second year the organization has hosted the Cemetery for the Innocent.

The Cemetery for the Innocent is one of several pro-life events the student organization has sponsored. Last month, they teamed up with other organizations Feb. 3 for the third annual Louisiana Life March in central Louisiana, which drew more than 5,600 participants who marched for life from the college’s campus in Pineville to the amphitheater in nearby downtown Alexandria.

— by Brian Blackwell | BP
Brian Blackwell writes for the Baptist Message

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