CNN Media Personality Tells Israeli Reporter To Get Vaccinated

by christiannewsjournal

In an exchange in the White House Briefing Room that could only be described as horrific, CNN media personality Brian Karem threw a hissy fit at Dr. Anthony Harper, a reporter who works for Israeli News Organization “Newsrael,” telling him that if he isn’t vaccinated, he is burning Jews in ovens, like in the Holocaust. The temper tantrum began when Dr. Harper responded to comments by Karem asking him to stay away from everyone.

“I feel like I need a yellow star on,” the famed religious freedom activist and Israeli reporter replied. Yellow stars were used to single out Jews during the Holocaust.

This launched Karem into an outburst where he said, “I’m asking you to treat everybody sensibly, not burn them or put them in an oven.” He then went on to say that Harper was “crazy” to suggest he stay unvaccinated and endanger people the way Hitler burned Jewish people in ovens.

Harper, who is a famed rights activist for Christians and Jews who were the victims of attacks over their religious or ethnic persuasion, then replied, “Should vaccinated people be tested?” This demonstrates the hypocrisy of the situation in which only uninjected people are tested for COVID and shunned from social events, despite the fact that most COVID cases have been among the vaccinated

Karem, who clearly cannot handle the fact he was shunning someone based on their vaccination status in a room full of people who tested negative for COVID to comply with Biden’s rules, then retorts, “Anthony, everyone can still get it. I don’t want to pass it to anyone else. Don’t mince or parse words here. You know [expletive] well that anyone can still get it.” In effect, Karem told Harper he was endangering all of them the same way Nazis were endangering the Jews, and should continue to be shunned and ridiculed.

Karem’s comments come at a time when actual Holocaust survivors say the complete opposite, equating mandatory vaccination as the real parallel to the Holocaust. In an open letter to the European Union, 22 Holocaust survivors said the mandatory vaccines and shunning of the unvaccinated are the same as what the Nazis did to them during the Holocaust.

In their letter, they say the mass media are following in Goebbels’ footsteps and manufacturing fake fear and panic over the unvaccinated just like what Goebbels did to them in the Holocaust. They call the European Union leadership to remember how, just 80 years ago, Hitler and the Nazi party used the press to say the same things to them that they now say about the unvaccinated. They also tell how the mass experiment of mandatory mRNA vaccination violates the Nuremburg Code, which was created as a response to Nazi experimentation and internment of Jews in World War II.

The disturbing parallels are also laid out by Jewish reporter Allen Wayne Root in his deeply-researched commentary on how current America aligns with Germany under Nazi rule. He notes how Jews were forced to be injected with experimental vaccines in Nazi Germany as part of vaccine efficacy experiments. He also remarks how being forced to show papers to be given freedom also completely aligns with the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

– John S. Paluska, CNJ Staff


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