CNJ Readers Be Heard! Join Our Action Place, Your New Home For Social Media!

by christiannewsjournal

One place that transcends geography. One community that follows Christian principles our nation was founded upon. One Christian body holding strong in a polarized nation, regardless of their respective denomination. All through a technology platform built for believers.

Does this sound too good to be true?  Fear, not friends, you can find like-minded people on one social media network for Christians.

The Our Action Place (OAP) application by Proverbs Media Group, which publishes CNJ, is a social media interface for Christians to interact safely with other Christians with the corresponding political views and most of all – furthering the Kingdom of God.

After visiting CNJ, go to OAP and let your voice be heard.


Mainstream social media networks are filtering conservative views and working hard to extinguish the opinions of Christians. President Donald Trump is right when he said in 2018 about the infiltration of tech giants monitoring what news is distilled to the masses and its bias: “Google results are biased against Republicans.”

Social media giants like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) filter conservative news, and pushes its agenda. Google was questioned by Congress June 2019 for its anti-conservative bias, anti-competitive conduct and collection of personal data. The investigation is ongoing.

We can’t control these entities, which regulate our information, but we can choose an alternative.

OAP is a virtual community of believers that connects us in a social media platform that allows us to share and engage as well as encourage each other into action. We believe when our faith turns into action it engages us in service to our community and to our country. When we serve our children, our families and our nation are blessed.

Life can be burdensome, especially if we feel isolated politically, spiritually or physically. 

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, we are reminded to lift each other up and this resounding truth remains true for us today, “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

Our Action Place is a community where we can feel like there’s family supporting us when we feel alone in a politically divisive and harsh world.

So ditch the Facebook and join us!

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