Civilian Group Formed to Protect Manhattan Stores Against Election Evening Looters

by christiannewsjournal

A civilian group formed over the summer will protect Manhattan retail stores against election night looters.

Holding Down Manhattan, a group of over 500 NYC residents will gather at two locations in Manhattan starting Monday evening armed with legal weapons, including baseball bats and more vowing to protect NYC from looters. The groups will patrol Soho retail areas and the Upper East Side on foot, bike and other means.

NY_/William Miller

Many of the participants joined in Holding Down Brooklyn South during riots in the summer in NYC protecting areas of Brooklyn.

“We are here to protect retail stores in Manhattan as we find it shameful that NYC isn’t protecting stores, and encouraging them to board up.  We will protect business and are here to defend only.  Regardless of who is elected, stores cannot be vandalized. Shame on the Mayor of New York for not protecting us. People will not be attacking cops on our watch nor will we watch them destroy businesses,” said Ross Den an organizer of these efforts. “We have seen retail destroyed, and our city vandalized and will protect our city.”

The group will meet Monday and Tuesday starting at 5 p.m. at Apple Soho – 103 Prince Street 57th & Madison.

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