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Selah Media Group, the publishers of the Christian News Journal, is the former publisher of the Christian Examiner newspaper group. The newspaper was printed in six regions, one in Seattle, Washington, one in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and four in Southern California.

This is the archive of the newspapers from 2012-2014. If you need an earlier edition please contact us at


Jan. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Jan. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Jan 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Jan. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Jan. 2012—San Diego county.pdf

Jan. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf


Feb. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Feb. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Feb 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Feb. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Feb. 2012—San Diego county.pdf

Feb. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf


Mar. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Mar. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Mar 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Mar. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Mar. 2012—San Diego county.pdf

Mar. 2012—Seattle/Tacoma.pdf


Apr. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Apr. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Apr. 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Apr. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Apr. 2012—San Diego county.pdf


May 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

May 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

May 2012—Minnesota.pdf

May 2012—Orange county.pdf

May 2012—San Diego county.pdf


June 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

June 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

June 2012—Minnesota.pdf

June 2012—Orange county.pdf

June 2012—San Diego county.pdf


July 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

July 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

July 2012—Minnesota.pdf

July 2012—Orange county.pdf

July 2012—San Diego county.pdf


August 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

August 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

August 2012—Minnesota.pdf

August 2012—Orange county.pdf

August 2012—San Diego county.pdf


Sept. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Sept. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Sept. 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Sept. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Sept. 2012—San Diego county.pdf


Oct. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Oct. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Oct. 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Oct. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Oct. 2012—San Diego county.pdf


Nov. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Nov. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Nov. 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Nov. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Nov. 2012—San Diego county.pdf


Dec. 2012—Inland Empire.pdf

Dec. 2012—Los Angeles county.pdf

Dec. 2012—Minnesota.pdf

Dec. 2012—Orange county.pdf

Dec. 2012—San Diego county.pdf



Jan. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Jan. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Jan. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Jan. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Jan. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Feb. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Feb. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Feb. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Feb. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Feb. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Mar. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Mar. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Mar. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Mar. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Mar. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Apr. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Apr. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Apr. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Apr. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Apr. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


May 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

May 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

May 2013—Minnesota.pdf

May 2013—Orange county.pdf

May 2013—San Diego county.pdf


June 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

June 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

June 2013—Minnesota.pdf

June 2013—Orange county.pdf

June 2013—San Diego county.pdf


July 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

July 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

July 2013—Minnesota.pdf

July 2013—Orange county.pdf

July 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Aug. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Aug. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Aug. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Aug. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Aug. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Sept. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Sept. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Sept. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Sept. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Sept. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Oct. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Oct. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Oct. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Oct. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Oct. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Nov. 2013—Inland Empire.pdf

Nov. 2013—Los Angeles county.pdf

Nov. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Nov. 2013—Orange county.pdf

Nov. 2013—San Diego county.pdf


Dec. 2013—Minnesota.pdf

Dec. 2013—San Diego county.pdf



Jan. 2014—Inland Empire.pdf

Jan. 2014—Los Angeles county.pdf

Jan. 2014—Minnesota.pdf

Jan. 2014—Orange county.pdf


Feb. 2014—Minnesota.pdf


Mar. 2014—Inland Empire.pdf

Mar. 2014—Minnesota.pdf

Mar. 2014—Southern California.pdf