Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Humiliated As She Revokes Vaccine Mandate

by christiannewsjournal

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot was humiliated by police as she gave up on her lawsuit on one of the nation’s largest police unions over vaccine mandates. The Fraternal Order of Police successfully staved off a requirement from mayor Lightfoot after months of grueling legal battles.

The lawsuit was over a Nazi-style vaccine passport scheme where government workers were required to distinguish themselves based on their vaccination status, similar to how Nazi Germany required people of Jewish origin to distinguish themselves as Jews. If any city worker refused (to get the vaccine and submit their papers), Lightfoot sanctioned their salaries, forcing them to either choose to go without pay or get vaccinated and receive the special passport allowing them to receive their hard-earned cash.

The police union, Illinois’s Fraternal Order of Police, told policemen not to comply and sued Lightfoot in court. Today, Lightfoot backed down and police do not have to comply with the mandate. Lightfoot gave a public statement after being humiliated by the defeat, saying the lawsuit is over and the vaccine mandate will not be enforced for police.

Lightfoot claimed she dropped the order because of police officers complying, but the Fraternal Order of Police’s Chairman of Trustees says there is actually a mass exodus of police officers from Illinois. So it is likely Lightfoot, faced with a severe police shortage, was forced to comply and end her lawsuit because there are too few police to go around.

Lightfoot’s humiliation comes after a judge issued an injunction earlier this month blocking the vaccine mandate on police officers as the case played out in court. However, it was not a complete victory because the judge still ruled police members would still be forced to comply with the vaccine passport.

American Vaccine passports and lockdowns draw parallels with Soviet Russia’s “smallpox immunization program” of the 1930s, where Russia required everyone to receive a smallpox vaccine alongside compulsory lockdowns and a deep surveillance state.

The Soviets may have eliminated smallpox, but the vaccine they used was deadly. Tens of thousands experienced life-threatening symptoms, which included brain swelling, a deadly full-body skin rash, and “inadvertent inoculation,” or swelling and lesions that developed after rubbing the vaccinated areas and then other parts of the body. It is unknown how many died, but some conservative estimates say 1 out of every million vaccinations ended in death, far higher than most vaccine death rates.

Currently, VAERS, the vaccine adverse reaction database, shows roughly one million reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, and even children are dying as a result. In Vietnam, at least three children have died after vaccination. In total, there are almost 20,000 reported deaths following vaccination worldwide, with more than 8,800 of them in the United States.

John Paluska, CNJ Staff


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