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  • Photo of 3 Hymns You Should Share With Your Child

    3 Hymns You Should Share With Your Child

    Exposing our kids to music can help with everything from their emotional development to their SAT scores. But exposing our children to music that points them back to Jesus and how much He loves them? That’s priceless. There are countless Christian CD’s, sites, and songs available to stream, but where do we start? One simple way is by teaching our kids songs that are easy to learn and sing (with us or on their own).…

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  • Photo of Single mothers take heart

    Single mothers take heart

    Single mothers, when you watch your married friends and their kids do you feeling ALONE? Even though you may feel like you’re the only one raising kids without a spouse, statistics reveal you are not alone. But far beyond the comfort of knowing there are lots of other single moms out there who have the same struggles as you, you should be happy to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE because God says you are not!…

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  • Photo of What’s the formula for living an above average life?

    What’s the formula for living an above average life?

    Is it your goal to be an average mom? Do you expect to raise kids who will have no positive influence on their generation? Of course not! No one wants to get to the end of their lives and realize they lived  a mere average existence when they could have lived an OVER-THE-TOP life. Jesus said “I have come that you might have life, and life more abundantly” (John 10:10). That word abundant means “over-the-top”.…

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  • Photo of 4 resolutions for moms

    4 resolutions for moms

    Every year about this time most of us reflect over the past year and think about things that we’d like to do differently for our families. Resolutions were always difficult for me since it was more than likely they would be broken within a month. But when I focused on goals like weight loss, getting fit, being on-time, etc., and began to think about helping my family improve, the desire to keep my goals grew…

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  • Photo of The newborn king to see

    The newborn king to see

    Come they told me, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum The newborn King to see, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum Why do I love this old favorite Christmas song so much! I think it is because the focus is not on the big guy in the red suit, or his reindeer with the glowing nose, or even on that adorable snowman who came to life one day. The little drummer boy is an incredible picture of evangelism. And since I am an evangelist at…

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  • Photo of Mom finds missional purpose with children

    Mom finds missional purpose with children

    It was a Sunday School answer that would earn praise there. Be applauded at home. Chuckled at in a church service. “Why are we here?” I said, whispering. “To tell people about Jesus!” my three-year-old son trumpeted. Lifting my eyes to the surrounding crowd, I remembered we were not standing in church pews but contorted in airplane aisles. The “here” I was referring to wasn’t metaphorical. It was a country in Asia. We were on…

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