Carly Fiorina Tells Fox News President Trump Is Not a ‘Leader’

by christiannewsjournal
Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina

Thanks, Carly Fiorina, for sharing with the world Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is your pick for November — again. 

Are you still irritated you were called names by then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries? I can’t blame you for being offended; it was demeaning. There is no excuse for the statement: “Look at that face!” “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”

Not civil or kind for sure. I was not a big fan of Trump either in 2016 and the many things he said (or tweeted) without a filter. I commend you for voting for him in 2016, and also turning the other cheek.

However, how about a more consequential picture, Carly? Do you care about the country? Biden can’t put a sentence together, was friends with segregationists as a senator, wants higher taxes for the middle class, and is for late-term abortion. He’s had over 40 years to do something with his title, mind you. He’s for the Green New Deal climate agenda but in a broader context it’s called the “Biden Plan.” You know the environmental legislation introduced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019 that forbids cars, airplanes and cows?

The Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face,” the Biden website read. “It powerfully captures two basic truths, which are at the core of his plan: (1) the United States urgently needs to embrace greater ambition on an epic scale to meet the scope of this challenge, and (2) our environment and our economy are completely and totally connected.

That’s not a leader. That is a bigot, dictator and a do-nothing career-politician, who can’t denounce rioting.

The founder and chairman of Carly Fiorina Enterprises said during “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News President Trump’s record on speaking the truth is “spotty” about the coronavirus. “He made the virus all about him.” Trump closed our borders to prevent the spread, and averted panic. Fiorina also shared Biden would be a better “leader” on foreign policy, and an overall better negotiator — one with character.

“I’m not a Democrat,” said Fiorina. “But presidential elections are a binary choice between two people. Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in this case. And in this case, I believe Joe Biden through his lifetime has demonstrated the ability to collaborate… He’s demonstrated that he is both humble and empathetic, characteristics that are critical to leadership, particularly leaders who know their job is to serve others,” added Fiorina, who originally announced her backing of Biden in June 2020.

In her interview with The Atlantic in June, “I can remember being on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate, and Democrat women’s organizations calling me offensive to women because I am pro-life. All of those things turn voters off.”

Okay, so you’re voting for those who call you “offensive” because you are pro-life? You know Biden supports late-term abortion, right? For all the progress we’re making more Americans than ever before are embracing the right to life, and leading members of the Democratic Party are embracing a radical agenda of abortion on demand. Trump, who you won’t vote for, paused money going to the United Nations Population Fund. The program allegedly is connected to funding China’s forced abortion procedures.

Biden would be better on foreign policy?

In early September, a member of the Norwegian Parliament of the far-right Progress Party nominated President Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize after brokering the historic Israel-UAE peace deal. A nomination that was accompanied by not one, but two additional nominations. Trump met with North Korean leaders, early into his term, remember? Started a dialog about denuclearization?

Look no further than in Jerusalem, there is an embassy where there were only promises before. Trump made a commitment. He was consistent with that commitment and delivered on that commitment. President Trump repealed the Obama-era “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) definition in the Clean Water Act (CWA) by taking power away from Washington and giving it back to rural America.

But Biden is the answer? Carly, say it isn’t so.

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