Canadian Mom Pleads for Help After Son Is Taken Away to Undisclosed Isolation Center

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ordered new COVID regulations on last week, and it’s grossly in violation of the constitution.

Upon arrival back to Canada, passengers would be taken to an isolation facility if they fail their COVID test. They would then be kept there for 14 days, The Post Millennial reported Feb. 1. If tests are negative after three days, people are permitted to leave the facility and finish the quarantine at home. “If positive, they are taken to another isolation location for the 14-day time frame.”

Rebekah McDonald shared on social media her son was detained at the Calgary Airport after arriving on Saturday from Phoenix, Arizona due to failing a COVID test.

“They say he doesn’t have a choice, that it’s the law. They say I don’t have the right to talk to him. They are taking him against my will and his will and I’m not okay with it. I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t know where I’m supposed to find him,” said McDonald.

Officials allegedly said the test McDonald’s son took was not accurate. What is worse — they severed all communication.

“They won’t let me talk to him. They won’t let me see him. They won’t come and talk to me. The border patrol services say they have nothing to do with it – they won’t tell me who has to do with it,” said McDonald in tears.

The Justice Centre for Constitution Freedoms (JCCF), an non-partisan law firm and registered charity, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms provides legal representation free of charge, to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians under the constitution.

Arresting citizens and detaining them against their will is troubling said Jay Cameron, Litigation Director for the Justice Centre.

“We are deeply concerned with the federal government’s increasing disregard of the constitutional rights of Canadians. Citizens are being arrested at the airport and transported to federal isolation sites without recourse to a lawyer or the review of the courts even though these travelers are in possession of a negative PCR test. Families are telling us that their loved ones are being held at these sites and that government agents are refusing to say where those sites are. These travelers are perfectly capable of isolating at home instead of being imprisoned by the federal government.”

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