Boy Who Expresses Himself as a Girl Tells the Nation That ‘Gender Is Over’

by christiannewsjournal

So how important is your vote on Nov. 3?

Very important.

A 13-year-old boy, CJ, who expresses himself as a girl tells the nation that “gender is over.”

“As he got older, starting around fifth grade, we encouraged him to start advocating and educating for himself,” mom Lori tells POPSUGAR. “We knew that he needed to develop those skills to stand up for himself and keep himself safe for the rest of his life. He did so, always knowing that we were right behind him and would go ahead of him if needed. He was never alone. He always had our support. To see him find his voice and make change, not only for himself, but for other people like him, brings us so much pride. He’s authentic, brave, and he’s taught us so much.”

At 11-years-old he served as the grand marshal for the LBGTQ Pride parade.”

Vice President Joe Biden told supporters that even eight-year-old’s should be allowed to decide their gender.

What? CJ is a victim of child abuse and exploitation. No child should make a decision like this before they reached sexual maturity.

 “To me, gender is over. We don’t really need it. It’s kind of unnecessary,” he says.

These are one of many reasons your vote is needed to keep Biden out of office on Nov. 3.

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