Bizarre Moment As NBA Players Just Walk Off the Court While Confused Fans Look On

by christiannewsjournal

The widespread panic that is happening over the coronavirus has gotten to a point of absolute madness.

We must be cautious and careful and very aware of our surroundings and also respect the power of viral diseases like this – but the hysteria and sensationalism that’s going on with this particular virus are stunning and it’s dangerous too.

Keep in mind, back in 2009 22 million Americans caught the Swine Flu. Over 17 thousand Americans sadly died – but you don’t remember experiencing this level of “mass frenzy” as you do with the coronavirus.

One reason is that it’s being politicized by the Left and their friends in the media are hyping it up, also media are using sensational headlines (that are very much fake news) to get clicks and ratings.

Watch the Video Below:

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