Biden Sued Over Vaccine Mandates In Massive Class Action Lawsuit

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A class action lawsuit filed by Liberty Counsel over Biden’s vaccine mandates costing military personnel their jobs was filed on November 1, 2021. The head plaintiff in the lawsuit is a Navy SEAL who is facing a dishonorable discharge over requesting a religious exemption to Biden’s mandatory vaccine shot.

The Navy SEAL, whose identity has been protected by Liberty Counsel, has allegedly been abused and threatened over his refusal to take the vaccine shot because it violates his deeply held religious convictions. The SEAL, whom Liberty Counsel has named both “Stephen” and “Gabe” to protect his identity, has served honorably on multiple deployments and is highly-decorated.

At the center of the lawsuit is the FDA statement to Pfizer stating nobody, including military personnel, can be forced to take the vaccine due to the fact one has not been officially approved for distribution to Stephen’s age group.

Additionally, every COVID vaccine currently offered is under “EUA,” or “Emergency Use Authorization,” which means that everyone has the right to refuse the vaccine. According to Liberty Counsel, this right also extends to military personnel like Stephen because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which extends religious exemptions to Federal personnel in addition to civilians.

Stephen is a military chaplain who has served for more than 18 years as a Christian, even in difficult deployments during wartime. He has also counseled many who were hurt, broken, and scared.

Stephen isn’t the only person who has spoken out about the allegedly illegal vaccine mandate. Liberty Counsel also spoke with another servicemember who was told she was forced to receive the vaccine even when she presented the legality of refusal and the Federal Laws that specifically state servicemembers are not required to take vaccinations. She told Liberty Counsel “They did not care about the legality of EUA vs. FDA approval. The Navy has made a decision that supersedes federal law.”

Additionally, another servicemember was told he had 9 days to get the vaccine or he would be faced with a dishonorable discharge. He told Liberty Counsel “I was given an order to receive any of the shots regardless of FDA approval, [and] that they will not approve any religious exemptions no matter what. A dishonorable discharge would make me completely unemployable in the civilian world.”

On August 24, Biden ordered all military servicemen to receive the vaccine. Then, on September 9, he extended that mandate to all federal employees. Liberty Counsel alleges this act is completely unconstitutional.

Liberty Counsel has also stated they have spoken to over 19,000 employees working for major U.S. Airlines who are going through the same woes with their employers over Biden’s allegedly unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Additionally, Liberty Counsel has filed lawsuits in Maine, New York, and Illinois with an affiliate network of more than 80 attorneys. They are also advising more than 35,000 transportation workers on how to proceed following the threats they have received over the vaccine.


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