Barbie for same-sex marriage

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The recent push by toymaker Mattel for a more inclusive Barbie doll has gone beyond body types.

In late November, the company revealed Barbie supports LGBT relationships. The post on the official BarbieStyle Instagram account shows Barbie with the fashion blogger Aimee Song–inspired doll, both wearing “Love Wins” shirts. The shirts are part of Song’s fashion line for Gay Pride month, and proceeds benefit an LGBT advocacy organization. “Such an inspiring initiative,” Barbie said in her post, “and fabulous few days I have spent with Aimee, she’s a doll!”

The post garnered more than 45,000 likes.

Song reposted the photo, saying the pair supports equal rights because #LOVEWINS, “or as some of you have speculated, maybe we’re secretly dating.”

The internet is now alive with commentators guessing whether Barbie—a toy supposedly suitable for little girls ages 3 and older—is lesbian, bisexual, or just an LGBT advocate, and how her longtime boyfriend Ken feels about the development.

Barbie may be a diva on Instagram, but the doll’s new activism will likely strain an already-tenuous relationship with Christian parents worried about the oversexualization of little girls.

— by Kiley Crossland

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