Attack on NYPD Officers: Illegal Immigrants Committing Crimes

By Robyn Spradlin

by Danielle Dolin

Video out of New York City on January 27th sent shockwaves and induced outrage as the audience watched several men attack two NYC police officers, beating them down to the pavement near Times Square while the officers struggled to apprehend one of the group.

Reportedly, the altercation began when the officers tried to calm disorderly conduct along West 42nd Street. The video shows the officers being kicked in the head and body during the melee, then left on the ground as the assailants fled.

The New York Post reported the mob were “asylum-seeking” illegal immigrants. Five members of the group were arrested and charged with assault and released without bail. They were identified as Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, 19, Kelvin Servat Arocha, 19, Juarez Wilson, 21, Jhoan Boada, 22, and Yorman Reveron, 24. On Tuesday, the NYPD released photos of four more illegal immigrants who are wanted in connection to last Saturday’s attack, according to Fox News. ABC reported that Yohenry Brito was the only one held on $15,000 bail.

Reportedly, the New York Police Department (NYPD) indicated the increase in immigrant-related crime, for example, the fatal stabbing of a so-called asylum seeker by another asylum seeker at Randall’s Island city shelter and the skyrocketing increase of suspected asylum-seekers’ pickpockets in Greenwich Village.

Interestingly, the ABC reported police sources indicated that four of the perpetrators gave fake names to a non-profit working with migrants and obtained bus boarding passes headed for California.

NYPD Chief John Chell told reporters Wednesday that the suspects “should be sitting in Rikers right now, on bail. Should be indicted this week and taken off our streets.” He called the attack on his officers reprehensible and called the illegal immigrants “cowards.”

Tom Homan, a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official under President Trump, commented on X Thursday, warning the illegal immigrants of their future fate.

“A message to John and the others that Biden and Mayorkas illegally released into the US that clearly don’t qualify for asylum. Don’t get too comfortable. The biggest deportation operation in the history of this nation is coming.” Tom Homan (@RealTomHoman) February 1, 2024

Chicago and its suburbs have also witnessed a growing crime wave related to illegal immigrants. Oak Brook, Illinois Polce Chief Brian Strokis reported multiple felony arrests of immigrants in a single day.

The Oak Brook Macy’s was under siege recently when illegal immigrants converged on the store with magnetic devices to remove theft deterrents and escaped with $10,000 in merchandise. Other crimes more serious than shoplifting have also occurred. Reportedly, shootings, stabbings and robbery are among the listed crimes “asylum-seekers” are accused of committing in the Chicago area.

Arrests of Venezuelan-born individuals specifically have skyrocketed over 2,500% since the migrant crisis began in 2022. However, in comparison to 2021 the stark reality becomes clear. The Chicago Police Department arrested six Venezuelans in 2021 and 686 in 2023, an 11,333% increase. Residents are outraged at the crime spree that has inundated the area and worry about their personal safety.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), said if the leaked text from the Senate’s immigration legislation were accurate, it was dead on arrival in the House. He denoted that the purported text indicated the new authority to shut down the border would kick in only after 5,000 illegal crossings per day.

“Why? Why would we do that,” the Speaker questioned. “Illegal immigration is illegal. It’s against the law. Why would you tolerate 5,000 a day?”

Johnson continued, that philosophy was “surrender” and added,

“The goal should be zero illegal crossings a day, not 5,000 and all the President authority should be utilized at zero.”

Robyn Spradlin is a freelance journalist working as a contributor for Christian News Journal covering news and politics on the national and state levels. She has worked as a copywriter for Victory News on the Victory Channel since 2022. Robyn has an BA in Communication Studies and MA in Journalism from Regent University and is a member of the Evangelical Press Association. She is an author, evangelistic minister and a musician. She lives in South Florida where she enjoys the outdoors when she’s not writing.

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