Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem Says the Current Administration Is All About ‘Raw Power,’ Not Helping People

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Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives representing District 11 since 2015, Mark Finchem, talked with CNJ about the ongoing border crisis.

It’s a disaster under President Joe Biden.

The National Sheriffs’ Association warned about multiple dangers to the U.S. that exist at the southern border. As reported by CNJ, estimates are that between five percent and 50 percent of the persons crossing without documentation are COVID positive. Infection rates that high is cause for alarm by public health officials.

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“My colleagues on the left seem to forget that this is a public health crisis. This isn’t just an immigration issue. And now we have what is probably one of the most absurd photographs I have seen in a long time. And that is a drug cartel member, heavily armed on the Mexican side of the border, standing guard over a space of border wall that may be, I don’t know, 15 to 20-feet-wide.”

Children are imported into a pedophile network; massive amounts of heroin and fentanyl is pouring across the borders. And the new regime now in charge of border security refuses to do anything about it. “That just verifies for me that it is a godless regime. This isn’t about taking care of people, this is the furthest from the truth. This is about raw power,” explained Finchem.

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“This is about trying to flood a system that was set up to take care of as many people as we could. But that was when we had maybe five to 10 people a day coming across the border illegally. We now have hundreds, if not 1000s, coming across every day. And the thing that’s even more disturbing is that we are seeing those people put on buses and sent into the interior of the country now.”

His hands are tied like many leaders because of the supremacy clause in the U.S. Constitution. The federal government has exclusive authority on border enforcement. So if you’re not going to staff it, the best to do is support border sheriffs who are being overwhelmed locally. The National Guard can be used in certain respects, but because of Posse Comitatus (Latin for “power of the county”) there are restrictions. Texas Governor Greg Abbott took action, sending National Guard troops and state police to combat drug and people smuggling. Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden for creating a “spiraling tsunami” at the border that is “getting worse by the minute.”

“I think it’s really interesting that Mexico has stepped up and is beefing up their border security as our border security is virtually disappearing,” said Finchem.

Cancel culture

Finchem is suing members of the Arizona House and Senate for defamation related to their acts in accusing him of sedition and treason and then forwarding their claims to the corrupt media. He started the to help others who experienced discrimination for their conservative views. He personally shared with CNJ that many extremists on the left destroyed his real estate business over the last three years. He could not generate new business because he was a conservative and supported Trump. He finally just walked away.

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“The fact that you are not afraid to take on challenging problems– you get attacked by the left. It’s actually kind of freeing in a way,” he admitted. “Now I am at the point where I have nothing to lose. The left collectively destroyed my life. I don’t care anymore, which probably makes me one of the most dangerous men around.”

For example, there was a bill two years ago that came to the House Judiciary Committee. Many Democrats in the Arizona House had a habit of dropping bills thinking Finchem would not read the documents.

“We actually heard the bill was an abortion bill. It was an infanticide bill. And they went nuts. What do you mean, you’re gonna hear our bill? Like, well, he introduced the bill; we assume he wanted to have it heard. They did everything they could to get that bill off the calendar.”

They threw up every single objection parliamentary-wise that you could. Finchem got the first battery of questions. The young lady who came up was a survivor of a chemical abortion—a beautiful young lady at 26 was a witness. 

And the first question out of the gate was, from the representative, “‘Can you tell me how old were you when you were born?'”

Her response was, “‘I guess it was six months.'”

“So your birthday is not your personhood day,” Finchem shot back. “Man, you should have seen the look on the Democrats; there was nothing they could say.”

A classic liberal

Finchem, originally from Michigan, pointed out the vast majority of Democrats are good people. They just got some ideas that “I don’t know that they’ve thought through the consequences, both intended and unintended, of what the public policy is that they advocate,” he said.

“Believe it or not. I’m a classic liberal,” added Finchem. “But I’m called the most conservative man in Arizona, which doesn’t make sense to me. Many people think when I’m talking about a leftist, I’m talking about all Democrats. Ten percent, maybe 12 percent of the Democrat Party is left. The rest are liberals. A classic liberal wants to take care of people. But at the same time, they want to be left alone to live their lives the way they think they should be able to live.”

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—By Corine Gatti-Santillo 

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