Antonio Sabato Jr. | ‘Our Politicians Do Not Care About the American People’

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Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr., who Hollywood had “canceled” for his pro-Trump views, believes American politicians and culture are dismantling the country. 

The former model is starring in “God’s Not Dead: We the People” as a parent fighting the government to save his faith-based homeschooling curriculum from extermination. Sabato talks with CNJ about his role as Mike McKinnon, and how the film parallels protecting our freedoms today. “We hold our future in our hands,” the father of three shares, and “we know what’s best for our children, not the government,” said Sabato, who encourages Christians to trust in Jesus Christ despite the cancel culture or what Washington, D.C. deems how people should bring up their families.

Check out CNJ’s newest feature with Antonio Sabato, Jr. below.

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What does “We the people” mean to you?

“We the people” means everything and that’s why I came to this country and became a legal American citizen, we fought for that (he moved to America from Rome, Italy with his parents and sister in 1985 and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1996). We did it the right way, the legal way. And we’re proud Americans in this country, and stand up against the tyranny and evil. We the people see our future, and we hold our future in our hands. And it’s about the greatest country on the planet, and we have to take care of it.

Can you tell us how you relate to this character? 

Well, I can relate in every way, as a father, husband, a Christ-follower, and as an American. We all have to stand up to what is right, wake up in the morning and make choices that are right for our family, not what the government is telling you to do. We don’t want our beautiful America turned into a socialist country. And now it’s heading that way. And it’s very scary because our politicians do not care about the American people. The founding fathers of our country knew that this could happen. They were trying to protect us by beautiful amendments. And so we have to fight for that. 

Homeschooling is exploding in America. Can you share your thoughts?

I have three beautiful children, and all three of them had homeschooling, were in the public school system and private school system. We as parents have to raise our kids in different ways, whether it’s public or private, or homeschooling. So homeschooling is a great format, it’s an amazing format for people that travel –for people whose kids need more attention. Some of my children needed more attention and homeschooling just took them to a new level. And they went from behind in class to the front of the class. The government is trying to infiltrate the way these parents are raising their kids using homeschooling, whether the parents are using biblical terms, or whatever they think is right, it should be the parent decision, first and foremost, given to us by God. And so this is a perfect example in this film, how parents and Christians are being treated. We have to stand up to that. 

“We the People” is the fourth chapter of the successful franchise.

-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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