American Public Is ‘at Risk’: Illegal Immigrants Are Not Being Tested for COVID

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Illegal immigrants who are being released into the U.S. are not being tested for the coronavirus.

That remarkable revelation was reported by the Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” earlier this week. The program quoted Brandon Judd, head of the National Border Patrol Council, as saying, “We do not test the illegal aliens we release [into the U.S.]. So, we’re releasing people without knowing, which obviously puts the public at risk,” as the show reported.

What is going on? How is this possible in the middle of a pandemic?

And—one must ask as well—is this how the border and the country are going to be run under President Joe Biden, who pledged that he would fight the pandemic in this country by leading with “science and truth”?

Right now, Americans from coast to coast are being told by health officials—every day and all day—to wear masks (and now double and triple masks), to practice social distancing, to wash their hands, to get tested, to get the vaccine as soon as they can, and to refrain from gathering in large crowds so as not to risk the spread of the virus.

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So how is it that people who are trying to enter our country illegally—and then somehow gaining release into our cities and towns—are notbeing tested for the virus?

Why are American citizens being compromised in this way?

As Carlson explained during his opening monologue on Monday night, February 8, “‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ has learned that the Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus.”

Carlson went on, “People from countries with high infection rates, living in crowded conditions, have been sent forth into the American population like COVID isn’t real. That’s happening. It is the official policy of the U.S. government.”

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Last Friday during a White House press conference, Kristen Fisher of Fox News asked press secretary Jen Psaki about this border issue.

“What could be done to provide COVID testing to migrants at the border?” Fisher asked. “Because right now, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is saying they’re having to catch and release some migrants without giving them any kind of COVID test before they’re entering the community. So what is being done? What could be done?”

Psaki did not seem to know. She replied, “Are you suggesting they’re letting people in across the border without testing them? Or, tell me a little bit more about … ”

Fisher said further, “They’re being released. They’re having to [release them] because of the executive order that the president signed earlier this week.”

Psaki said, “Which executive [order]? Which one?”

As Carlson put it after detailing the above exchange, “People who actually know the details of what is going on right now—e.g. not Jen Psaki—are very worried.”

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There are other urgent border issues to worry about—and to fix—as well.

Over 50 House Republicans on Tuesday warned Biden “of a brewing ‘crisis’ of illegal migration at the southern border amid indications of a surge in numbers”—as Fox News reported exclusively—“just as Biden has forged forward with a number of policies limiting border security and interior enforcement.”

The GOP representatives, the same outlet reported, also “implored” Biden to better secure the border and “to defend Americans.”

To learn more about what’s happening at the border, read Tucker Carlson’s full monologue about it here.

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